Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm back!

Hello! Did you miss me? Of course you did.

Well, the first order of business is the question everyone at work has been asking:

Where did Keem and I go for vacation?

The answer is we hit every touristy spot we'd ever wanted to go to or had ever heard about or kind of stumbled onto as we were driving to another one.

We did go to Wisconsin but I, not being very organized, left my cell phone with Melissa's phone number in it on the desk. Brilliant, huh? Every time I saw an exit sign for Fond du Lac I would cringe a little.

We went to:

The House on the Rock (bring good walking shoes. And someone to carry you. We spent 4 1/2 hours walking. By the end, we were thinking "Oh, hey, that's a really cool item. Is this tour over yet?"

Little Norway (People moved to Wisconsin from Norway. Apparently they missed Norway. It was cool to look at all the stuff. More walking though. My thighs haven't seen this much action in years. They were not pleased)

The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum (which James was less than thrilled to hear about since he hates all condiments but mustard is his kryptonite, apparently (I bought a t-shirt that says "Friends don't let friend eat k*t*h*p." Awesome. I almost bought the one with the Plochman's mustard bottle (Plochman's, for those of you not in the know, is the best yellow mustard ever. French comes second) that said "Squeeze Me.")

The Jelly Belly Factory Tour (thank God this was on a train. And we got free Jelly Belly beans. Jelly Belly beans are the only Jelly Beans I will eat, other than licorice flavored.

The Milwaukee Zoo (very cool, very big. Once we hit the sea lions/polar bear exhibit, I said "Screw it. Let's go take the train. The train was fun. I have lots of pictures from the train (I also have a sunburn. Not bad but hello, the sunscreen was sitting right by the door. You'd think one of us would remember to grab it))

The Original Wisconsin Ducks ride (been on it once before but Keem hadn't. I recommend to everyone).

The Dells Mining Company (you get to mine for your own gemstones. It's an excuse to play in mud. This was a lot of fun. I want a rock tumbler now).

We also spent some time in with Keem's parents in La Crosse. There was also time spent in motel/hotel rooms watching TV/reading and cursing the pain from the excessive walking. Anyway, believe me when I say there will be pictures. And I will also be around to see what you have all been up to as well.

Did you miss me? I missed you...