Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to torture a cat. A photo (and video!) essay.

A month or so, Keem and I were in Target. Super Target to be exact (cooler than regular Target, less evil than Wal-I don't get what happened to them, they used to be a decent company when I worked for them but then, apparently they became incredibly greedy-Mart (kind of a long name)). As we are wandering down the cat aisle (well, actually, I wander. Keem usually has a very specific agenda in mind. 8:15 PM Enter Target. 8:17 PM Drag Dana out of the scrapbook section. 8:19 PM Tell Dana that, no, she cannot buy a book. 8:20 PM Enter cat food aisle), something catches my eye.

DM: Keem! Keeeeeeem! Look!
Keem (long suffering tone): What?
DM: Look! It's a tie!

And it is. It's the most adorable collar ever, fashioned into the share of a tie.


Keem: Cute.

She is intrigued and decides to investigate the other great things in the cat aisle, the things that she misses because she's always in a hurry.

She finds the hat. It's fashioned like a lion's head. The perfect thing to make your cat wear on Halloween.


Yes, we bought them. What is the purpose of having a pet (or a small child for that matter) if you can't dress them up in stuff that they will hate?

We debate whether we should work up to the full torture (hat and tie on at the same time) slowly or do it all at once. After much decision (5 seconds), the unveiling ceremony takes place. This is done by convincing the cat to come and investigate the newest toy that has been bought for him (he is spoiled. But that could be because I can't actually walk down the cat aisle without buying him a new toy).

And then I grab him. Notice the laundry in the background of this picture. It was there for about a week.


First the hat must be applied.


Then the tie.


There! Doesn't he look absolutely adorable?


Video number 1. Keem is supposed to be taking his picture.

And now, the releasing of the lion kitty into the wild.

And the picture of how his collar and hat got completly reversed.


If you're wondering why my eyebrows are red and blue, it was because it was red and blue day during customer service week. Hey. There were prizes involved. I have no shame.

In other news, I found out my Uncle Jerry died on Monday morning. He was my mother's brother and I credit him for being partially responsible for my sense of humor. Between him and my father, I learned to really appreciate sarcasm. Rest in piece, Uncle Jerry. You were an awesome, awesome man and I'll always be thankful for knowing you. Apparently my Aunt Rita is not doing very well, she is ill and also just lost her husband of 53 years. Keem also has a friend of the family that was diagnosed with cancer recently. Any prayers or thoughts for them would be greatly appreciated.