Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist

Your Native American Name Is...
Nukpana Chepi

Your name means: Evil Fairy

Sometimes Blogthings scares me. But, hey, an evil fairy has to be way cooler than an evil genius, right? Plus Beth has this crazy idea that evil geniuses have to understand how logic works in order to function.

Oh! And I love Overheard in the Office, especially for stuff like this.

Yeah, and Scrambling the Data. Nice Work!
By Djlindee on Dumb Employees

Sales rep #1: Here's that spreadsheet. I hid the columns you didn't need so it would fit on one page.
Sales rep #2: How did you do that? I have been cutting and pasting all this time!
Sales rep #1: Cutting and pasting?
Sales rep #2, pulling out three pieces of paper, cut and taped together to make one big spreadsheet: See? I cut and pasted!


Overheard by: What!?

I have worked with people like this. Seriously. Excel isn't hard!