Friday, November 02, 2007

The weekend update - updated!

Can't come up with a creative title. This is very sad. I tried to find other creative church signs to use as a title but I kept running into the church sign generator which, while funny, is not what I was looking for.

Day 2 of NoBloPoMo. And the continuation of my weekend o'scrapbooking. I sense your excitement.

Sunday Beth and I went to her Dad's house for dinner. We enjoyed pizza and cheesecake (her's was topped with a birthday candle). We also watched several episodes of Law & Order and CSI:.

DM (about some guy (McCoy?) on Law & Order): That guy has very unfortunate eyebrows (they were horrible! They were almost squarish).

After this we met up with Dean and James at Brady's.

DM: I don't think I've ever been to Brady's.
Beth (laughing): Yes, you have.
DM: Oh. Is that where...?
Beth: Yep.
DM: Maybe I'll have to fake another asthma attack*.

*Background - back a long time ago, Beth and I ended up at Brady's to meet this guy that she really, really liked. Instead, we found Pete, his annoying friend. Pete makes no mention of the fact that THE BOY had to work early the next morning. He does proceed to hit on Beth all night. Because I hate to see my friend suffer, I decided to fake an asthma attack. Details are here. I still think I should win an Oscar for that performance.

Apparently the boy is there (In case you're wondering, he has been demoted in Beth's affections and that is why the font of his fake name has changed. They never did end up going out and Beth realized that he really wasn't the right guy for her). I do not notice him. I do see Pete later on in the evening and manage to avoid eye contact.

Dean and James arrive (do not refer to them as James and Dean. They hate that) and we spend some time talking about stuff, the usual stuff we always talk about. Which means everything and anything. There is also time spent by my telling James that I did not like him and especially do not like him (I wanted to say "the fact that you are scruffy and that makes me want to bite you" but refrained). I'm not sure why I was mad at him but it's James and he can be so irritating at times. It was probably when he got upset at me for saying that I thought Halle Berry was a good actress. Beth and Dean decided to hightail it for the bathroom then. This is the problem of being friends with a man who takes movies so seriously. He often gets upset over what I deem a good movie. We occasionally agree but a lot of time is spent with me saying "Oh, I liked that movie" and him saying such things as "No, you did not" or "Really? Really? You did not say that" or "Perhaps you should never talk again."

Dean brings up the fact that he doesn't like scary movies and I mentioned that I was frightened by Scary Movie 3. Dean and James are highly amused by this. Beth is already aware of it. We tell them about the time we went to Vegas and stayed at the Luxor and watched this movie. And then I had nightmares. And then, the next morning, there was this scary, scraping noise on the windows.

DM: And it was awful! There was this scraping and then this filmy shadow and I was afraid of opening the window, especially because there was sunlight out there!
James: Why would you be afraid of opening the window?
DM: Because I was worried Beth would burst into flames.
Dean: Hahahahaha! Give me some.

He makes me do that weird bumps thing that I've never really understood.

DM: The only reason I know that Beth is not a vampire is because she eats garlic*.

*Well, I've never actually see her drain the blood of a human either but you never know...she was enthusiastic about seeing what her blood sugar level was this weekend. And couldn't believe that it took me forever to get up the nerve to poke myself.

We got to spend quality time in "the kennel." Since stupid people decided that smoking was bad and you can't do it indoors anymore, all smoking has to be outside. Dean and Beth were willing to join James and I outside so we could infect them with second hand smoke. They're cool like that. Brady's has rigged up this dog cage with heat lamps. It's actually kind of cool looking and it is comfortable, there are tables and chairs outside (of course they are metal so I imagine this will get pretty cold in a month or so). You can still smoke at casinos but that really could have a negative impact on my wallet so don't think that's going to be an option.

Monday, we went back to Beth's mom's house where we ate the best sloppy joes ever and watched Heroes. Finally Hiro kissed what's her name. About time.

While watching, Mohinder's boss came on the screen. Bob is kind of a schlumpy guy with a receding hairline.

DM: Unfortunately sometimes evil is not hot.
Beth: True.
DM (to Beth's mom who is looking perplexed): I have a thing for bad guys. Usually they're the most attractive*.

*Case in point - Sam Rockwell in Charlie's Angels. When he was the nice, kind of nerdy computer guy, I had absolutely no interest in him. The minute it was revealed that he was the evil mastermind and did that hot little spin while wearing the sunglasses, I was totally intrigued.

Afterwards, Beth drove me home and I tried to sneak into the apartment but Eddy made that very difficult with his trying to climb into the IKEA bag and my suitcase. Keem was not pleased to be woken up.

And that is it. The excitement of my weekend. I know you are all totally thrilled by this.