Friday, February 03, 2006

Blogs that I love - updated

Beth recently posted a list of the most fascinating people she knows/knew and I enjoyed reading it. I bet you would as well (if you haven't already) so here it is. I would like to point out that I am Number One on the list, which is as it should be (not that I'm conceited or anything. Well, I am but that's not the point).

This might be considered cheating but I am adding to the list the blogs I cannot do without. I've often thought about doing a post on the different blogs I read. I am a great fan of diversity.

So I guess we'll do two posts and this one will be the blogs I enjoy reading, the ones that I do a little happy dance when I see that they have a new post. And, no, this is not in any particular order.

People I have not actually "met (Met meaning, but not limited to, actually having a conversation with through the use of email/comments. While I've received comments and email from flea, I don't consider her a close friend that I just haven't actually been in the same room with (which is the other category)." And this category has started to taking off all on it's own so I think it will be it's very own post.

Finslippy - Alice. She lives in New York, has a small child named Henry and is occasionally accosted by crazy people on the street. She is an amazing writer - funny, articulate, etc.

Flea - (Her real name is Leigh Ann but flea is her nickname and I like calling her that) I have mentioned my adoration for her before. If you have not listened to me and checked her site out, you are missing a lot. She is the reason why I have a lot more patience for small children when out in public (for example, a screaming, crying child may not be a spoiled brat but actually suffering from sensory overload). She has taught me a lot and I have a great deal of respect for her. And, if I am ever in Chicago, I so want to meet her and view the garage of dildos.

Dooce - (Real name is Heather but I don't think of her that way for some reason) Hilarious. Makes me giggle on a regular basis. Has made me cry a few times, especially when she was writing about her experience with post-partum depression.

Paper Napkin - Sheryl. I adore Sheryl. She provided me with my glorious banner and has the coolest side bar I have ever seen and is extremely talented in multiple ways.

Nothing But Bonfires - Holly. Found her through Sheryl. I adore her writing. She is very funny and is one of four siblings, each that are gorgeous and make your eyes squint a little when viewing a picture of all four of them because their beauty is blinding. And yet I do not hate her. She has travelled extensively and I would say that she does the best recaps of The Bachelor that I have ever read but since she doesn't watch The Bachelor, of course this could not be true.

Friday's Playdate - Susan. Found her through Holly. She directed me to a comment that Holly had left on her blog and then I read it and was amused and came back and read some more and was amused again. She also has children. And now that we have communicated through email, obviously we're going to be best friends forever (yes, Susan, I am kidding. I am not a stalker).


Jo(e)' Page - Jo(e). I lurk here. She is a teacher and her writing is fabulous. Her posts make me calm. It's like meditation in someways.

And since Joe was so worried that I didn't have any men on my list (which I wasn't quite finished with but decided to post anyway):

Mannerism - Robert~Marlene. This was the first blog I ever left a comment on. Blogger allows you to search profiles and I was looking to see just who else out there liked the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." I stumbled onto his blog and was fascinated from day one. Robert~Marlene is a drag queen and quite a glamorous one, which you can see from his pictures. He also has one of the greatest galleries of glorious male images I have ever seen. The other reasons I enjoy reading his blog is because he is quite intelligent, our political views are very similar and he makes me laugh and think. Unfortunately, Bloglines won't let me, um, what do you call it? - blogline him and I forget to check his blog as much as I want. Dang it.

Geese Aplenty - Greg. I stumbled upon his blog somewhere. He makes me laugh and think as well but it a completely different way. He's uh, I guess the word is snarky? What does that even mean?

Bad New Hughes - Patrick. His family scares me. In a really laugh your ass off funny way. Seriously. Read this post and be afraid. Afraid that you might choke to death on your laughter.

Soon to follow - my list of bloggers that I consider to be close friends in that odd way that the internet brings you together.