Friday, August 19, 2005

The ABC's of Music

Beth posted this meme and, since I’m working on several posts and need something to keep you, my beloved readers, from throwing up your hands in despair since I have nothing new, I am going to gleefully steal it. Here’s the deal. The list is alphabetical and, for each letter, you list your favorite band or artist. She found the meme here. Like her, for artists, I will use either their first or last name to fit the meme accordingly.

A. Aimee Mann

B. Bryan McDonald (Medium)

C. Chris Isaak

D. Def Leppard

E. Etheridge, Melissa

F. Five For Fighting

G. Ghost of the Robot (James Marsters former band. You might remember him as Spike (mmm, Spike) from Buffy and Angel)

H. Herman's Hermits

I. Indigo Girls

J. Jack Johnson

K. Kane (Christian Kane is their lead singer. You might remember him from Angel as the devious and gorgeous Lindsey)

L. The Lightning Seeds

M. Meat Loaf

N. No Doubt

O. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

P. Presley, Elvis

Q. Queen

R. Ray Charles

S. Sharp, Bree

T. Tom Petty

U. U2

V. Van Morrison

W. The Who


Y. Yanni (Yes, I am just kidding)

Z. ZZ Top