Tuesday, August 23, 2005

An email of despair (or Holy Crappy Week, Batman!)

-----Original Message-----
From: Rachel
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 9:00 AM
To: Dana

This is horrible (it was incredibly busy when she emailed me).

How was your weekend? I am so tired!

From: Dana
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 11:46 AM
To: Rachel

Hmm. My weekend. Let's see.

Saturday was good. We had some people come over, including my sister and brother-in-law. I was teased unmercifully by family and friends. Well, actually, we mocked everyone for fun so it was a good time.

Sunday? Sunday was obviously cursed. And it (the evil curse) is heading into Monday.

Keem and I got up early to go and take pictures at the Como Park Conservatory. This should be fun, right? No. Because hordes of thousands of people, clutching their children's hands, have descended upon the park. We hightail it out of there. Well, hightail might not be the right word because we are stuck in traffic for approximately 20 minutes, just waiting to turn right. We did, however, find some parks and spent a lovely two hours or so taking pictures. Nice day for it, good exercise. Keem only had one crazy lady approach her and talk to her about some cave and how her son used to play in the cave (the crazy lady's son, not Keem's. Keem doesn’t have a son. That she knows about).

Went to get hair dye, Keem suggested I try the Luscious Raspberries color. It comes with a bleach kit, which fortunately we decided not to use. The color is kind of bright but fun. Keem dyes my hair and looks like her hands are covered in blood when she is done. After washing my hair, I look in the mirror and realize that I look like someone tried to scalp me. My ear also has hair dye on it. But the color turned out so very cool. I just can't play with my hair without having someone scream out "Oh, my God, are you bleeding?" Yes, that was an exaggeration.

Went to the Chalet (Beth posted about this here as well). Bobby (bartender) is not there, he and his girlfriend had their baby. Yay, Bobby! Apparently there was a shooting at Lake McCarran Park which is across the street from the Chalet. Theresa announces that karaoke is going to be delayed because of this and Bryan has to go an alternate route to get to the bar. After Bryan arrives, we find out that there were two shootings, one about five minutes after the first. So we are, literally, in the middle of a double homicide investigation. When I say in the middle of, I mean that the roads have been blocked off and no one can get in or get out of the Chalet. So there are only 13 of us at the Chalet, including Bryan and Theresa. No Gil. No The Boy. The Chalet ends up closing at 12:30 and Beth and I are at a loss. We end up going to Perkins out in Fridley and hanging out for an hour and then headed back to my place and sitting out front and talking. No Gil. Sigh. Stupid dead people (okay, totally inappropriate but it was more than likely gang related and I am ticked off).

Today I have told two people good when they revealed some sort of tragedy, not meaning to, of course. One lady I told her she could sign in her capacity as custodian and she was pleased to know that because her son is in Iraq. I say good. Then I realize that and apologize profusely while she laughs at me because she knows what I mean. Same thing with the lady who's father died. ARGH!

I poured hot water over my finger while cleaning out my vase. Nice burn. OUCH.

No Gil. Stupid, stupid dead people.

Can I go home?