Monday, September 10, 2007

How much else could be wrong with me?

I'm sorry but this is going to be somewhat of a whiny post but I'm really kind of irritated with my body right now.

Friday - broke out into hives again. Realized it was from my evil posture bra which had been rewashed BUT has this weird material that possibly trapped the evil detergent inside and when I wore the bra because I was too lazy Friday morning to Febreeze my other one (it gets smoky at the Chalet), I ended up breaking out in horrific hives. They were gigantic. Keem, in a joking matter, pointed out a brick wall to me and told me I could itch there. Then she made me stop because my back was bleeding in some places. Grr.

Monday - played work voicemail. Why is Deb calling me at work (Deb is my doctor)? I had a physical on Wednesday. They drew 5 tubes of blood. Five. I have small veins that have a tendency to roll. Does the tech listen to me when I tell her the best place to draw the blood is from the side of my elbow? No. Instead I am poked about 500 times while she looks dumbfounded and says "Wow. They really do roll, don't they?" No. I was lying. Guess where they finally ended up getting the blood from? Yeah. The outside of my elbow.

Anyway, apparently my blood sugar was very high. So tomorrow I have to go back to the doctor, after fasting, and get more blood drawn. Oh my God, can you handle the excitement? I sure can't.

It's only 11:23 or so and I already want to go home. I was talking to my boss this morning and said the following to her:

DM: And I think I'm going to be come a nun.
Cheryl: Why a nun?
DM: Well, it won't stop my body from falling apart but at least I don't have to worry about being single on top of this.

Did I mention that we also discovered I have arthritis in my left knee? It's not horrible but it's there. Lurking. Fortunately I did get the arch supports and my knees have been bothering me less since then. But still, I'm very annoyed and want to go back to bed.

Done whining. Carry on.