Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm trying to come up with something to write about...

Hello, everybody (I cannot type that without thinking about the Simpsons. You can all chorus back with "Hi, Dr. Nick, okay?)!

So my life has been fairly uneventful since the Trifecta of WTF this weekend. I did go to the doctor on Tuesday and that was fun and exciting with all the new and exciting things that I get to do.

  • I did not lose one fricking pound. Not one. I gave up beef, people (well, for the most part). I am eating rice cakes! How can I not lose a pound? On the plus side, I didn't gain a pound either so that is good. However, I am choosing to blame the scale (the lovely nurse whose name I can not remember says she hates that scale as well so that's okay).

  • I must get an eye exam (yes, I know. I will. I promise. I'm thinking possibly red Buddy Holly glasses. What do you think? Any suggestions?).

  • I was offered the chance to get the blood sugar under control by using injectable insulin. Did I want to start that? If you think my response was a big HELL NO, you would be correct. I hate needles. The gluco stuff seems to be working and there is progress. My blood sugar level is slowly inching its way down (last night was 156. Can we all say wahoo! Yes, we can!) and the medicine isn't making me sick, which is good because I seem to be allergic to just about any other medicine there is.

  • I need to get a tetnaus shot (I just know that isn't spelled right. Tetenaus? Tetnes? What does spell check say? Oh. Tetanaus. I guess that makes sense).

  • I also need to get a flu shot. I've gone many years without a flu shot, thank you very much. But apparently it is very important that I get one. I looked at Deb and said to her "What is this fascination you have with jabbing me with needles?" She laughed.

  • But other than that, all is good. I am eating much better, I feel better, I took the advice on the finger poking and yesterday had a gusher (too much blood for me to even consider popping the finger into my mouth) so learned my lesson about doing the tricks on the fingers that work well. Won't do that again.

    I had my monthly review today and you'll all be pleased to know that I am totally awesome. Even my ACW (after call work (I'm only listing this here because it will make Beth freak)) is good at an average of 55 seconds to 1:15 per call. My Quality is good, I do lots of projects, everyone loves me. We are going through some changes here because we recently received some major companies as clients so that could mean potential excellent jobs. Keeping my eyes open. Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing but I'm not really sure I can handle a 4th tax season.

    Hope you're all well. I'll be making the rounds later, behind on my blog reading. Sorry! Much love!