Monday, September 24, 2007

Isn't there a curse about this?

I'm pretty sure there is an ancient Chinese curse that says "May you live in Interesting Times." Sheesh, I don't know who I ticked off lately but back off, already.

This was my weekend. In bullet points, because that just makes everything more exciting.

  • Keem decides to leave me and head home to La Crosse for the weekend (it might be Lacrosse but I can never remember correctly). We had been talking about going to the Ren Fest but hey, no big. Maybe I'll call Beth and see if she wants to scrapbook Saturday night.

  • Or not. Maybe instead I will break out in hives again. I think I might have grabbed a shirt that wasn't rewashed or maybe someone hates me. Fortunately I did take a Benadryl right away (bless you, makers of Benadryl) and the hives were stopped in their tracks. The itching wasn't but I didn't end up covered in big red and white blotches. I did learn an important fact. If you start bleeding, you are scratching too hard.

  • I spent the evening eating a huge Caesar salad w/chicken breast from Quizno's (and yes, I do know that Caesar dressing is terribly fattening and not really good for you but I don't care. Their dressing is quite possibly the best dressing ever. It is peppercorn flavored crack. I would inhale it if, you know, it wasn't a liquid and would cause me to start choking) and playing Age of Empires III. When I wasn't watching the Burn Notice marathon on USA and wondering who is cuter, Michael who is played by some guy I don't know or Sam who is played by Bruce Campbell. Mmm, Bruce Campbell. Ahoy indeed (Old Spice commercial reference to those who think I may have gone insane). Oh and petting the cat and telling him that I'm sorry that Keem has abandoned him but Life will go on. He is not convinced.

  • Saturday. Not so much itchy but feeling sick to my stomach, sniffly, coughing. Cancel the thought of going scrapbooking.

  • You know what would be good at 8:45 PM? Parsnips! Parsnips sliced thinly and sauteed in a little butter. Yummy.

  • Did I just hear a knock at the door?

  • Yes, I did. Do I know this woman (as I peer out the peep hole)? I don't think I do but she just waved so maybe I do. I will open the door.

  • Okay, don't know her. She is a low talker so I can't understand a single thing she is saying except "boyfriend" and "hiding." Is her boyfriend abusive? She needs a place to hide? I'm not sure I feel comfortable with this.

  • Hey! Wait a second! I didn't invite you in. You can't just walk in! This is against all the rules! Well, you're not a vampire, at least.

  • The next 15-20 minutes are spent figuring out that no, actually, she's not hiding from her boyfriend. She's hiding from the police! I am harboring a fugitive! Oh my GOD! Grab large knife to chop parsnips with. Stay in kitchen with hot saucepan and knife where I can beat the heck out of her if needed. She wanders around and talks about how she was a cheerleader at South Saint Paul High, her life took a downward spiral after her husband tried to kill her and suceeded in killing himself, her name is Gina, her boyfriend is 54 to her 32. She doesn't know how to sit properly in a chair and manages to fall out of it and knock it over. Eddy doesn't like her and takes off. She makes a few phone calls and then cries a lot after she talks to her mom.

  • Okay, enough is enough. Get out. I tell her I am expecting someone to come over and need to start getting ready. You have to leave.

  • She's gone. Parsnips are done. Eat parsnips.

  • Don't call cops or building security because, hello, that would make sense.

  • Go back and play Age of Empires. Die, you British scum! Die! You can't make me tell you where the Fountain of Youth is!

  • Sunday. Eat more parsnips. Talk to Kari. Talk to Keem. Talk to my Mom. All are stunned that I didn't report crazy lady. Get lectured. Keem is on her way home. Yay!

  • Keem is home. Lecture, lecture, lecture. Lecture. Lecture, lecture, lecture. Don't let strange people into the house, Dana. Got it.

  • Don't feel good. Really don't feel good. What's wrong? Dizzy. Headachy. Nauseated. I'd check to see what my blood sugar level is but guess what? I forgot my monitor at work. I am an idiot.
  • Call Beth. Can't go out. Really don't feel good. Is it a cold? I don't know.
  • Eat something (turkey burgers with carrots). Feel somewhat better but still achey, sneezy, etc. Keem tells me I am probably getting sick combined with possible low blood sugar and hey, if I start feeling like this again, maybe I should eat something. Yes, ma'am.
  • Go to bed. Sleep.

That was my weekend. Odd. Weird. Somewhat frightening at one point. Hope yours was less eventful OR was eventful in a good way.

And I called the apartment office and reported Crazy Lady. Apparently she has a habit of this. She doesn't live in the building but her boyfriend does. He's being evicted for reasons just like this, as Marcia put it "His life has taken a chemical turn." Hmm, can you say drugs? I can! And Marcia was on her way to go to court to get him out because he's fighting the eviction. AND! Get this. He lives on the 24th floor! What was she doing on my floor? Weirdness!

I've decided on a new category to explain stuff like this. Risky Business, one of the only movies I liked Tom Cruise in, has one of my favorite quotes. Miles, the guy who also played Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, is freaking out just a tad about their adventure. Miles is also the guy who advises Tom Cruise's character that sometimes you just have to say What the F*ck. So this quote really sums up some of the things that happen to me. "I don't believe this! I've got a trig midterm tomorrow, and I'm being chased by Guido the killer pimp."