Friday, September 14, 2007

Just one of the reasons why I love working here

Hello - DM's blog has been hijacked. Actually, this is Beth helping out. I am removing a portion of DM's post (below is her writing) because it might cost a job or something. I am helping DM. Have fun! Be good! Encourage her to be good about watching her food. It dances.



Thursday, September 13th
Dinner - 2 brats (no buns), carrots and onions lightly sauteed in butter (freaking awesome). I did not have the extra brat or any ice cream, although I really, really wanted some. I resisted the urge and it didn't kill me.
Glucose monitoring - 177 (which is awesome except I forgot to do the reading at 2 hours after eating and instead checked at 10 PM so it doesn't really count)

Friday, September 14th
Breakfast - 2 brats (no buns), cheese slices on table water crackers, two yogurts. For some reason I was extra hungry this morning so I just ate my lunch and breakfast together. I might regret this at lunch time but I guess we'll see.
No monitoring - ran out of test strips.