Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well, it's official

I am diabetic. But you know what? I am choosing to think of this as a positive thing. Yes, clearly I have lost my mind but I have never taken my weight gain seriously. I have always thought "You know what? If people don't like me for who I am, they can just bite me (and c'mon, with all the butter and sugar I've eaten over the years, you know I'll be delicious!)." I did not take into consideration what I've been doing to my body. Let's think about this. I have asthma. I have sleep apnea. I have arthritis. I have a heel spur. I have diabetes. I am sure there are more things but let's face it, something has to be done. I know I've said this before but now I have to do something. So you all have permission to whack me on the back of my head if I don't start behaving.

But hey! I lost 5 pounds in the last week. So that's something, right?

You will be pleased to know that I am drinking diet Coke right now. Instead of the yummy Sierra Mist I so adore.

Thursday I get to go to a class on managing Diabetes. Keem is going with me. We placed an order with Simon's Delivers last night and there is lots of vegetables and very little bread/ice cream/fun stuff. Considering how much we hate to grocery shop and always get distracted in the ice cream aisle (okay, that would be me), this will be a good thing as well.

And the thing that I thought would be the worst about this, the whole finger pricking to get blood for the monitor? Yeah, barely hurts at all. I can do this. I will triumph over the evil Sugar! Yummy, delicious sugar...no, no! Bad sugar! Bad