Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Drunken Chicken Dances

Have I mentioned how much I love Dooce? Well, I do. Here is a post she wrote today about voting and I recommend that you read it and possibly do your own drunken chicken dance. BUT! Only if you voted. If not, then there is no drunken chicken dance for you!

Keem and I were going to vote this morning on our way to work and left the apartment a whole 15 minutes early. Because yeah, we thought it would be easy to ride the elevator downstairs, walk up to the table and vote. Nope. Very long line extending from one lobby (the non-main lobby where all of the voting takes place) to the main lobby (which is past the mailboxes and extending to the door (which, of course, means nothing to you because I'm not including a copy of the floor plan of my apartment building but believe me, it was a long line) so we will be standing in the line when we get home. I am so looking forward to casting my vote, even though I am seriously worried that my state is super conservative and Bush will take Minnesota.

It is fortunate that I am a kind and wonderful Queen of the Universe because there are a lot of Republicans wandering around my workplace looking smug. Dang them. It is also fortunate that I do not have a car because this prevents me from running them over. Okay, seriously, I don't care how you vote. Just vote, please. As DeAnn said, with her usual class, "If I love you, I will love you no matter how you vote. I can pretty much guarantee that your vote in no way affects our relationship."

Odd conversation that I had a few minutes ago. I sit near two very nice people, M (male) and A (female). They have been very nice to me since I've started here and we've had some great talks. M got his haircut and looks very cleancut and I laughed when I overheard him say to someone (after they complimented his haircut) "Thanks. I did it just for your approval." I know he is a Republican and said, in jest, that I preferred the hippy liberal hair (extremely shaggy) that he had yesterday because than I could pretend he was going to vote for Kerry. He laughed. A laughed. I laughed.

I mentioned that I'm really going to be glad when this election is over (because I am tired of the hatred and the arguments and the mud-slinging commercials that are playing constantly and the crap that keeps getting shoved under my door). I used the "Some of my friends are Republican" line and A laughed. She agreed it was tough because she's the only Republican out of all of her friends, they are all Liberals. M said "Commies?" My response was "Hey! I prefer Hippy Liberal Scum, thank you."

So I can joke about it but believe you me, I'm really going to be glad when this election is over.

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At 4:40 AM, brooksba said...
Hey Dana,

Well, it's over. Hopefully our country can unite somewhat and go in a good direction. I'm hoping it will. I actually like Commies. Well, I guess Hippy Liberal Scum is more PC though. Who knew?