Monday, November 01, 2004

Last Meme

Last Meme (Or Meme of Lasts (which is more accurate and not a lie. I will never ever lie to you, my beloved internet. Believe me when I tell you there will be more memes))

From frog’s blog, because she’s got kittens! Oh, yeah, and is really cool.

Last Cigarette – Last night, at 2:00 AM. Technically, this morning.

Last Alcoholic Drink – Um, about a year or so ago. I was at lunch/dinner with Beth and her friend Liese at TGI Fridays. It was a mudslide with chocolate chips. Yum. Because, if you’re going to drink, there should be chocolate involved.

Last Car Ride – To work. This morning.

Last Good Cry – Friday. When reading The Lioness’s blog. This post. But I'm sure that Katie and Troy would remind me that I actually cried at the movie theater on Saturday. Can I help it that the Cheerio commercial makes me cry? Can I? They were adopting children! And there was a smiley face and a heart and it was all so beautiful. And then there was the preview for The Polar Express. Stupid Tom Hanks and his stupid dancing train people with the hot chocolate and Santa and believing in magic. Yes. I am a sap. What gave it away?

Last Library Book – It was Regency Romance short stories. About kittens. That I didn’t read.

Last Book Bought – Nora Roberts Blue Dahlia which is not supposed to be out until November but I got it now, baby! Yay (I bought it on Thursday. Believe me, I was excited. And now it’s done and I have to wait until June for the next book in the series. June! That’s wrong on so many levels)

Last Book Read – Nora Roberts Northern Lights (It was about Alaska. Let’s move there). Dave Barry Tricky Business. Nora Roberts Blue Dahlia.

Last Movie Seen In Theaters – Napoleon Dynamite. Seriously. If you have not seen this movie, you need to go to the theater now. I don’t care that’s it only 8:21 in the morning.

Last Movie Rented – Why rent when you can buy? I haven’t rented a movie in years.

Last Cuss Word Uttered – Fuckin’. As in “It’s fuckin’ hot!” Referring to Bobby and the water and the cascading and oh, the water.

Last Beverage Drank: Water. Which I am generously sharing with my bonsai tree. He does not have a name yet so if you can think of a good name, I’d appreciate it. The plant I had before was a cactus I named Steve, after Steve Buscemi. This is a tropical bonsai and he has berries. He’s very cool. I could name him Barry but that would just be silly.

Last Food Consumed – Caramel Apple Cinnamon scone.

Last Crush – Please. Like I’m not going to have a thousand more. Right now, it’s Bobby, the incredible bouncer with glorious hands and Data, who I may or may not like.

Last Phone Call – I take phone calls for a living. Last fun phone call was last night, when Beth called.

Last TV Show Watched – The Thursday line-up. Survivor, CSI: and Without A Trace. Unless you count the really weird ice skating thing that Keem had on yesterday.

Last Time Showered – This morning.

Last Shoes Worn – My fun suede shoes that make me bouncy. And there were stars on them last night.

Last CD Played – Billy Idol, Greatest Hits. Or Maroon 5, Songs About Jane. Not sure actually. The last CD I listened to was Enya, something Keem has been playing.

Last Item Bought – The aforementioned Caramel Apple Cinnamon scone and a TJ (coffee & hot chocolate. Don’t ask me where they came up with the name).

Last Download – No clue.

Last Annoyance – Um, I have too short of an attention span to remain annoyed for long. I really don’t remember.

Last Disappointment – That a certain person is being an ass. Or, actually, not so much that this person is an ass but because of what said person is doing to a friend of mine. Stupid ass.

Last Thing Written: Email to Keem.

Last Words Spoken: “Keem, have you tasted yours yet? I don’t think this is mine.” They mixed up our beverages at the coffee shop and I had hers.

Last Sleep: From 2:30 AM to 7:00 AM this morning. Except for the dreams. Weird dreams. Don’t really remember what was going on but I’m pretty sure there were vampires.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: Last week. The yummy Klondike Oreo things I wrote about.

Last Chair Sat In: Incredibly uncomfortable office chair. Oh, I miss my chair from my old office.

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At 11:09 PM, Robert ~ Marlénè said...
Neat meme! I used it myself, check here. I would name the bonsai Mister Peretti; I don't know why.
At 1:21 AM, brooksba said...
That's a much better name for the bonsai than what I came up with.Maybe you could name it Geronimo.I'm just strange.How about Hurricane?Later!
At 8:28 AM, CarpeDM said...
For some reason, Mister Peretti has a nice ring to it. There is an author, Frank Peretti, who wrote a few books I like. He's a religious author but he the books I'm thinking of are called The Veritas Project (Veritas is Latin for Truth. I love Latin) and the books are about this family who travels around the country looking for the causes of supernatural activity. Really well written and not at all preachy. Apparently one of them has been made into a movie. So I'm thinking Mister Peretti it is.