Friday, November 05, 2004

Out, damned spot! out, I say!*

I have mentioned Sir Lee before. He is a silly little rubber frog that a friend gave me, there is a thin layer of rubber over his chest and stomach and he is filled with a green liquid so that if you squeeze him, his chest pops out, similar to a bull frog. He got his name because his mouth is drawn in a crooked line, he's not quite smiling, not quite frowning and I thought he looked surly which translated into Sir Lee.

Anyway, today I killed him.

I had noticed that the rubber over his chest was becoming frayed in one spot but I would still pick him up and squeeze him, just because he makes me smile every time I did. I'm in the middle of a call with a particularly annoying stock owner, squeezing and relaxing Sir Lee, just squeezing and relaxing, trying to keep from screaming into the phone "I'm not a tax advisor!"

Suddenly there is this "Splish" sound and I am being sprayed in the chest with the green liquid. Sir Lee had popped. I then spent the next few minutes, trying to rescue him with a piece of tape but my impromptu surgery did not work. The wound was fatal and Sir Lee's life blood spilled out into my hands and the garbage can.

He now sits on my desk, an empty, pale reflection of the frog he once was. Now he slumps forward, looking somewhat similar to a collapsed blow fish. Now he looks pathetic and not so much surly. It is very sad.

There is sorrow in the green ducky universe today. Mighty Sir Lee is fallen.

*Lady MacBeth, of course, but also, there's a pale green stain on my favorite shirt, right over my heart. And approximately four inches above the spot I spilled my chow mein this afternoon. I just can't win.

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At 11:52 PM, brooksba said...
Dana,Poor Sir Lee. It is sad. Just remember the joy he brought to you and I know he'll be forever (or at least a few days) remembered by you. Love ya!