Thursday, November 11, 2004


From DeAnn who got it from Rick (I am too tired to do the links that DeAnn did, she is amazing in her dedication for the movies and her clothing. Wow)

Ten movies I'd watch over and over (I like action & comedy. Yes, I’m shallow. So sue me):

1. So I Married An Axe Murderer
2. The Imposters
3. Big Trouble
4. Love Actually
5. The Fifth Element
6. Stargate
7. Rat Race
8. Gone In 60 Seconds
9. Ocean’s 11 (and soon Ocean’s 12 (yay!))
10. The Rock (Or Con-Air (as long as I get my Nicholas Cage fix, I’m good))

Nine people I enjoy the company of (If you want to know the people I would love to spend time with, if they actually lived in the same state as me (and if it wouldn’t be considered stalking), check out my blogroll list):

1. Keem
2. Beth
3. Matt
4. Jeff (my other roommate)
5. Kari (my sister) and her husband, Eric, and their baby, Josh (this is not cheating because I don’t see them that often and it is usually all 3 of them at once)
6. Katie (and Troy but I see Katie much more)
7. Bryan (jovial karaoke host)
8. Michael (karaoke regular. I would have put Bobby but since our encounters really only include me drooling while he pours beverages, it doesn’t really count. Now if this was nine people I enjoy looking at and making a fool of myself in front of, he’d be #1)
9. Scott (who I also don’t see often)

Eight things I'm wearing:

1. glasses (most important because otherwise, I am very blind)
2. striped top from Wal-Mart
3. pants
4. socks
5. bouncy shoes
6. bra
7. underwear
8. three tattoos (I’m grasping at straws here)

Seven things on my mind:

1. Stupid, evil depression which is not here yet but is lurking in the background of my mind saying "Hey, Dana, remember me? I'm on my way back."
2. Stupid people (I am not plural. Stop calling me “You People!”).
3. Working on my novel (of which I have written one whole page. But! I have a plot and characters which is a start. And if you wanted to know the plot, I would tell you. Because I am a feedback junkie).
4. Blogging time and Sheepshead tomorrow.
5. Thanksgiving
6. The Thursday night line-up (Survivor, CSI:, Without A Trace).
7. To lick or not to lick Data

Six objects I touch every day:

1. At least one book a day
2. Light switchs
3. Eddy (my cat who thinks he's Keem's cat)
4. The Floor
5. Bathroom products
6. Hippo

Five things I do every day:

1. Read
2. Sleep
3. Eat
4. Annoy Keem
5. Listen to the radio (it’s always on)

Four bands or musicians that you couldn't live without (I find it interesting that these are all bands/musicians that Beth introduced me to. It’s not fair that I only get four. Where is the room for Maroon 5 or Five For Fighting?):

1. BNL
2. Matchbox 20
3. Melissa Etheridge
4. Cowboy Mouth/Bree Sharp (okay, I love them equally, so yes, I am sort of cheating)

Three of your favorite songs at this moment:

1. Change The World – Eric Clapton
2. Jenny Says – Cowboy Mouth
3. It's Not Easy (Superman) - Five For Fighting (Shup, Beth & Matt. I love this song)

Two people who have influenced your life the most (I went with people I know IRL. Internet people would be frog, The Lioness, DeAnn, flea. Oh, and Beth and Keem):

1. Beth
2. Keem

One person who you love more than anyone in the world:

1. My Mom. Followed very closely by Kari and Josh, if not on the same level. Because we may not always get along but she’s my mom and raised us on her own and sacrificed a lot for me and I was an ungrateful little brat. So yeah, Mom.

Previous Comments:

At 1:00 AM, brooksba said...
Hi Dana,I liked this! DeAnn finds the coolest stuff. I'm stealing it from you (shamelessly pilfering actually). As for music, I'm glad to see you open to listening to new bands. I got to find a couple more for you now. =)Beth
At 1:01 AM, brooksba said...
Oh yeah,Forgot to mention in previous comment:I like the new template. You rock! (I liked the old one though too. Hmmm, maybe you just rock no matter what. I think that's right.)
At 4:04 AM, DeAnn said...
Aw, so much love flowing my way. You are TOO kind to me.I loved reading this, though, and I LOVE the redecorating you're doing around here. It's lovely!!
At 8:21 AM, The Lioness said...
1 - EMAIL ME THAT PLOT THIS MINUTE!!!2 - My ignorance of movies and music is obvioulsy appaling.3 - Me likey you
At 11:43 AM, Firebear said...
I love this, I usually don't care for the quizes, but this one rocks. I like the new lay out except it is too dark. I don't think of you as dark