Monday, November 01, 2004

She Flew The Coupe

Sorry. Dan Seals song running through my head (Does anyone remember Dan Seals? Love On Arrival? She Flew The Coupe? I saw him in concert many, many years ago (1990, 1991), when country music was just starting to be non-twangy and I had a friend who loved it and she got me hooked briefly). Anyway, the song's in my head because Keem went to The Coop today to get lunch and I had a pretty decent Double Cheeseburger with Bacon and French Fries (and I used Heinz ketchup as well. Three guesses as to which way I'm voting tomorrow (French fries and Heinz are your clues) with a Diet Coke (which is so hypocritical but hey, at least it's not Mountain Dew).

Anyway, speaking of music (ha, did you notice the subtle segue (don't you just love the word segue? It's one of my favorites) into karaoke. Oh, wait, I haven't gotten there yet), last night was Sunday and so, there was karaoke. And it was good. It was also Halloween which is my 2nd favorite holiday in the entire roster of holidays (the first being Groundhog Day (yes, I am kidding, it's Christmas)) and so I got to dress up! Yay! Costume!I decided to finally come out and announce my Queenliness to the world so my Queen of the Universe ensemble consisted of one fake tiara made out of yellow cardstock, black shirt, black jeans, black socks, black shoes, 35 glow-in-the-dark stars, Velcro (to attach the stars to my clothes) and a whole lot of glitter hair and body spray (which, just for the record, it is probably not a good idea to spray this on your face but I do not always make good choices (see above lunch choice)). May I just state that I glistened from head to toe? It was great.

I also brought my stuffed frog, Greenday (I do not particularly endorse Greenday’s music (I’m not even sure if that’s how you spell their name). I just happened to be looking at my frog one day, thinking I need to name him (Keem asked me why I couldn’t just call him Frog like I nicknamed Hippo and I said that I would get confused between Frog (stuffed) and frog (Internet) and then she called me a dork which I think was really unfair) and then I was listening to the radio and there was this song on and then the DJ said it was by Greenday and I said “Hmm. Greenday. That’ll work.”) and he had a little crown (that kept falling off) and he was my date, the Frog Prince.

Keem went as a wizard/sorceress/magical person (we have no idea what to call her). Beth was a go-go dancer and wore her really cool boots that she wrote about the other day. There will be pictures but unfortunately the internet is thwarting Beth at this time (thwart. There’s another word I love. And probably use way too much but don’t care). She will have to tell you about her fun experience with that – it is fairly amusing in a really frustrating way. And I just checked! She's back! Yay!

As I said, there are pictures, mainly taken by Beth and Matt because my camera hates me (otherwise known as I forgot to recharge the rechargeable batteries. Again) and conked out on me right after I got the picture of Big Wayne with the feather boa. It was a slow night, probably because there was a football game earlier in the day (and The Vikings lost, not that anyone who reads my blog is a huge football fan (May I just mention that I am tired of football and the effect that it is having on my karaoke?)), but there were some regulars there and it was nice to see familiar faces.

There were also some new people as well, a group of 3 individuals, Rob, Amy and Lisa. They were all extremely talented and it was great to hear their different styles. Rob had an amazing voice, excellent projection. Amy did a Janis Joplin song (Me and Bobby McGee) and a Bobbie Gentry song (Ode to Billy Joe). Wow. The words “Old Soul” came to mind. You could almost see Janis Joplin’s ghost tapping her foot in approval. Lisa tried a couple of different songs, don’t remember the names, but I do know she tried one by Shakira (which is hard enough as it is) and also said she had never sang the song before. This takes guts and she pulled it off as well. As a karaoke junkie, I always have an appreciation for new people and hope they’ll be back.

And then there was Bobby. Ah, Bobby. Matt had said on Friday night that he’d have to see what the fuss about the water was. Last night he came back with a glass of water and we asked if he had watched the water preparation. He said no. Both Beth and I said he would have to watch or he would never understand. Later that night he said that he got it. Beth took a picture of Bobby pouring the water. Hopefully it will be posted on her blog so you can all see the miraculous experience this is. Although, for the true effect, you will need to come and witness it for yourself. Believe me when I say it is beautiful.

There are also pictures of Greenday. He got a lot of attention. He’s such a flirt. There’s a picture or two of us dancing, Big Wayne singing Froggy Love (You may know it as Puppy Love by Donny Osmond, he changed the words for me. Big Wayne rocks and rolls) to Greenday and then I sang Playing With The Frog of Hearts to him (Playing With The Queen of Hearts is stuck in our mind because of that commercial for Citibank).

It was a great time. I wish you could have been there. Oh, and Firebear, Beth and I shared a scary commercial moment at karaoke – there was this guy with a mullet and a guitar and we couldn’t figure out what was going on because the television was on mute but he was talking and we were scared because of the mullet and all and then the logo came up and it was for Burger King. So my question is why is Burger King trying to give us all heart attacks with their scary commercials? Why?

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Very scary commercial for Burger King. I agree.

Green Day is the spelling the band uses.

Your frog got lots of attention last night. I'll put some pictures up in a bit here.

Great post.