Monday, December 18, 2006

There's nothing quite like that new desk smell

Do desks actually have a smell? If they did, would I be able to smell it? Probably not, a bit stuffy right now.

I am back at work. You can tell this because I was actually able to get into Blogger today without resorting to setting up a new blog just to get to the stupid dashboard. I don't know why it won't pull up the login screen.

I have moved desks. I moved very far, one whole desk. On Thursday, since I was busy hacking up a lung (or two), Cheryl (my incredibly wonderful and cool boss) let me pack up my old desk into 6 boxes (6! Six! How is it possible for me to have 6 boxes of stuff? That is just so wrong) so I'd be ready on Monday. Why I thought I would actually have time to work on a Monday is beyond me.

My new desk is right next to the window so I get to stare out at the Subway parking lot. Although I am right next to a tree and sometimes birds hang out in the tree and they chirp. A lot. Which makes me happy because I like birds. Especially those that chirp.

There's this product called Shower Soothers and it had this new exciting vanilla mint scent so I decided to buy it. Yeah. There's a problem with this. I can't smell the soothing vapors unless I hold the tablet right up to my nose. That would not work very well. Very difficult to shower that way, plus, according to the label, it heats up when it comes into contact with water. You know what my luck is like. I would end up with 3rd degree burns on my nose.

I have discovered another product that actually seems to work - Tylenol Severe Cold something or another and I love it. The only complaint that I might have is that it makes me a little goofy. Okay, okay, goofier. Several times Keem has said something that is slightly funny and I burst into this hysterical raspy laughter that almost has me falling over. Apparently I am scaring her.

Um, doctor. Yeah. I do have an appointment. Granted, it is for the 2nd but still, it is an appointment. Deb is on vacation and I also have to take an entire day off just to go to the doctor because of the stupid bus route. Otherwise, I talk Kari into taking me (which she is doing on the 2nd). I'm slightly paranoid about seeing doctors other than Deb, mainly because the other doctors in her office are trying to kill me. I'm serious. The last time I went to Urgent Care, I was given cough syrup with Codiene. I stopped breathing during the night. Not exactly what they had in mind. The other time, one of them gave me Biaxin which makes it feel as though someone is taking a very rusty spoon and using it to cut out my stomach. Very slowly.

I did manage to make the cookies. I found this awesome recipe for Israeli Rugelach which I adore. At least I'm pretty sure that I've had them before. I just want to let you know that, while it does say the cookies are supposed to be sliced into wedges and then rolled, this is impossible. The dough keeps breaking and then there is cinnamon and mini chocolate chips everywhere. It's quite sad, actually. There is probably some secret hand rolling technique passed down from generation to generation that I missed out on, quite possibly because I found this recipe on the web (my family doesn't have a cookie tradition. We have a really heavy potato stuffing-like thing tradition). The cookies are are little different looking. I finally gave up and said "Screw you, Cookies." I just laid the dough flat, tossed the filling over it and cut it into bars after they finished cooking. I am quite possibly the only person in this world who can be thwarted by cookies.

Anyway, I'm feeling somewhat better. Thanks for all of your well wishes, I appreciate it. I promise to do a post about something non-illness related soon.