Monday, January 16, 2006

Remember when I said I was never going to drink again?

I lied. I lied a lot.

I am drunk. Silly drunk, really really drunk.

You may have read bet'hs post. she is also drunk as well.

Ow. I just hit my nose on the scrapbook. Beth said that.

Foot. Foot. Dana put foot out.

I did put my foot out. Bethds and I touched foots.

Beth "that is not as fun as I thought it would be.'

Remember Gil? He is really named James. I likkkkke him a lots. I tlkd him that tonite. I lickdsa him twice. I also kissed him.

My lips are num. I ams not sure if it is from kissing jms or from lots of liqor.

Bth is hvng issues wi/th the start button. she is making fried frice. how long do yuro nujke it for? she is going to nukde it for 90 scneds. seconds.

I tldo some guy that he was going to be my 2nd husband because he cld sing and that's all i canred abt. I think I said I am marrying 5 men. and some guy who plays football because his cute. his name is petyon manning. i think. Amy laughed at me. I think everyone laguhted at me tonight.

o9h my GOD! i kissted Jmases. what was i thinking?

I told him he was the sexidst guy in the world...universe. and that he was the captain of the football team. and that i wanted to lick his ears.

i can'tws post anymre. i am drunkdsa. did I mention that?

goodnight world.

bthe wrote more. i am going to link. hopefully. i m not sure i remember how.