Saturday, December 03, 2005

Is there more to life than karaoke?

I was talking with Beth the other night and we ended up on the subject of my blog. I mentioned that it has become a karaoke blog and she agreed with me. Now, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing but surely I must have something else to talk about.

Um...yeah. Can't really think of anything.

Beth was still sick on Thursday so we did not go to karaoke. It was a good opportunity for me to catch up on some much needed sleep. Part of me is wondering if we should have called the Chalet to let them know that we weren't going to be there. Because what if they were worried? What if they thought we were in a car accident? What if they were calling the hospitals and freaking out? And then I remembered that Liz has our phone numbers and if she was really, really worried, she could call us. And a part of me is cringing over how much of a dork I really am.

Okay. In other news, last night Keem and I drove to Woodbury and did some quick Christmas shopping. We headed over to Bath & Body Works to get Jeff his presents but the flavor he mentioned he liked wasn't available. I know that most of you would refer to bubble bath, candles, etc. by their different scents but in our family (when I say family here, I am referring to my apartment family, Jeff, Keem and myself) refers to them as flavors. No, we don't eat the bubble bath, candles etc. although I did once taste a pina colada bubble bath because it smelled so very good. Didn't taste that good, believe me. Keem did find two other flavors of bubble bath - Vanilla something and Warm Candy Apple or something like that.

I caught Keem looking at this lip tint but she put it away. Now, Keem is the most practical person I know, aside from Beth, but she drives me absolutely crazy sometimes. Because Beth, at least, will buy something if she wants it for herself and not reject it because it's not practical. I mean, who cares if it is practical or not? Why do you have to analyze it? It's freakin' lip tint. Just buy the damn thing. My GOD!

So I told her to give me the tube and she did not and it was not within my reach so I didn't want to leave the line to grab it because then I would lose my spot and that would annoy me. So I did the most intelligent thing I could at that time. I waited until Keem was headed out the door and asked the lady standing next to me to grab the tube of lip tint. Ha! I will show that Keem! I also found tubes of lip gloss up at the counter (impulse items are evil but oh so irresistible). When I got out to the car, I handed her two lip gloss/tint things and she yelled at me but then finally told me that I was a nice Dana but a bad Dana. Anyway, I bought myself this glorious lip gloss that is flavored like Creme Brule (yum, yum, yum, I bought the Apple Torte flavor for Keem) and this Mentha Lip Tint (Keem got one a little darker) and also this lip buffer because my lips are always dry and chapped and it is better to use the lip buffer than pick the dead skin off of them.

Then we went to World Market. I love that place. Two years ago, I found Beth's Christmas presents there. I like to use themes for Christmas presents and 2004 (2005?) was the year of the Monkey (Beth likes monkeys. Not as much as penguins but she does) and it was fun. We bought Jeff some more bubble bath, I found a frog that has magnetic feet and I bought the best candy in the world for myself (I spent 3.69 a bar. I think I bought five or six bars. I am obviously insane but I only buy it once a year). It is called the Mozart piano bar and here is the description - "Made with a delicious pistachio-marzipan, it has a hazelnut praline-nougat center and is covered in a crispy milk chocolate. Light and sweet - perfect! " And here is my realization that I got ripped off because it is $2.00 on the website linked above (couldn't find it on World Market's website). Damn it.

We then returned home and waited impatiently for Jeff to come home. Once he got there, it was time to open our gifts (we never manage to wait until Christmas. I'm pretty sure that December 2nd is the earliest we've ever exchanged gifts before). He bought Keem a Trivial Pursuit game that she had seen at K-mart and then put down because it wasn't practical (ARGH!) - it is the Saturday Night Live version. Keem and I played a game last night and realized that we really don't remember or haven't seen a lot of the skits. It was fun though. He also gave her some other stuff. Then he cautioned me that it looked like Keem got more gifts than I did but he had spent the same amount on us. The first thing he gave me was a Nora Roberts book - Born O'Hurley which is two of the books from the O'Hurley series. The second thing he gave me was the DVD for Firefly and I believe I may have squealed with excitement. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. Setting up an Amazon wish list was the best thing I've ever done. All I had to do was direct him to the link and he got me the best gifts ever. Nora Roberts & Firefly. Now I am avidly waiting for Serenity to come out and I will be thrilled.

Okay. It's 8:14 AM and I am beat. I woke up at 6:45 (no clue why) and I am ready to climb back into bed.

Oh, looking out my bedroom window, I can see the ice that has formed on the Mississippi floating down the river. It's kind of cool. But cold looking. Stupid winter.

This is really irritating, I want to change the date on this but I can't. I started it yesterday but finished it today - it is actually December 3rd at 8:24 AM. Just so you know.