Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Tuesday to me

Yesterday I checked the mail when I got home and received 4 packages.

Two of these packages were books that I purchased off of eBay (mmm, books).

1 was my Christmas present to myself from flea's shop. I am not telling you what I ordered. That would be too much information.

The fourth one was from Joe. Dear, sweet Joe who meets all of the criteria of my man check list. Well, except for Number 5, which is pretty important and the main reason why I haven't rushed off to marry him.

Would you like to know what I received from Joe? Would you? I bet you would.

Here is the note he sent to me, the first thing I saw when I opened the package.


I know that you like your karaoke evenings, and you have lots of friends there - but I wanted to get you something different, that no one you know would give you -

Merry Christmas

PS - Wait for a dark and stormy night.

I look at the note and then at the gift. It is a DVD. It is kind of a dark box with weird printing on it. And then I see something about cotton candy.

DM: Oh, he did not.

I start laughing. Joe sent me, much to my (hilarity invoking) dismay, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I'm not sure when it was but we had a discussion, in comments, about my fear of clowns and he suggested I watch this movie. To which I replied, quite politely, that he was insane or smoking the crack. Well, I'm just assuming this because I can't remember what post this was on.

Joe, thank you for a unique and thoughtful gift. I will watch this movie. I'm not sure when I will do it because I will not be watching it alone (or on a dark and stormy night) but maybe, just maybe I can casually bring this up at karaoke some night and convince Gil it would be vital that he watch it with me.

You have to love a movie that has the tag line "In Space, no one can eat ice cream."