Sunday, December 18, 2005

More stuff

Bet you wished you lived here

My start page for Internet Explorer is my page on I have it customized to show me several things - my horoscope (apparently there is a lot of love coming my way for Christmas. Everyday there's something about love. Love, romance, love, adoration, love. I'm thinking right now that a magic 8 ball might be more accurate), the quote of the day, a description of what is happening on my favorite shows (it's how I let Keem to know she has to make sure the VCR is off so Lost will tape because I am electronics challenged (and yes, that does mean I have a problem putting at tape in the VCR and turning it off. The damn machine hates me), etc. I also have the weather for two places - Saint Paul and Lisbon. Today I pulled up the page to find that both places are sunny and fair but the temps are far different. Here it's 0 degrees. In Lisbon, it is 50 degrees. Is there any doubt now as to why, when I am rich (and possibly famous), I will be living part of the year in Lisbon? I didn't think so.

Speaking of Lisbon, if you have not yet visited Johnny's blog today, may I suggest you stop by and see her? She has posted the most beautiful letter to her best friend, Uzi, who died in the tsunami last year.

Right now, I am looking out the window at the Mississippi and watching snow blow across the frozen river. It looks like ghosts dancing. Why am I living in a place that is cold enough for an entire river to freeze? How is that possible? Oh, yeah, if I move my sister will kill me.

Just call me poodle girl

So I went and got a perm yesterday. As you know, I'm trying to grow my hair out but it has reached a stage that some people refer to as the "in between" stage and I refer to "For the love of God, can I just cut it off already?" stage.* It is a bit wavier than I thought it would be but it could be much worse, I could have extremely tight curls. I'm not sure how I feel about it right now, probably because I haven't actually done anything with it. The one thing I know for sure is that I can now pull my hair back into a ponytail - the perm has made my hair even more thick and only one or two strands of hair escape. Yay! That was my goal all along - to be able to put my hair in a ponytail. Now I can cut it (yes, yes, I am kidding).

*The correct answer is no. Which is usually the answer I receive. Except from my sister who said "You need a hair cut." Dang her.

I also decided to get fake nails put on. Not the Lee press on nails (which I never could figure out. Have I ever mentioned that I'm not really good at being a girl? I was always curling iron challenged as well. This is terrible when you are grew up in the 80's. I could never get my hair as big as it was supposed to be or to feather just right (Of course, looking back on this, you realize that I am thinking "Thank God", right?))

And I went shopping at Catherine's on Thursday and bought three new shirts. So tonight, I am going to do my hair and makeup and wear my flashy new shirt (it is sparkly! Yay!) when I go to karaoke. Because sometimes being girly can be fun. Maybe there will be pictures? If I remember my camera, I'll probably be able to convince Beth to take a picture or two.

I'm the luckiest girl ever!

I bought five powerball tickets. I figure that there's no reason to sneeze at 15 million, right? Maybe better to play now than when it gets really high, right?

There are five numbers plus the powerball to match. Guess how many I matched? Guess?

That's right. One. And it was not the powerball.

No wonder my love life is so filled with excitement devoid of romance (no matter what says).

Yes, my life. Filled with the most wonderful things! But tonight there is karaoke and all is well in my world. How are you doing? And dang it, why are you not posting, people? My bloglines is distressingly empty. Ooh, wait, what's that? Who posted? Who? Oh. It's blogthings. Woo-hoo.