Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It could happen to you - Jack and Jon meet

Jack and Jon met when they were in college.  One night at the library, Jack was working on a report for Abnormal Psych and Jon was studying for a test in Advanced Chem.  Jack asked to borrow a pencil from Jon.  A simple start to what ended up being a three hour conversation on everything and anything and coffee at the local diner.   There was no thought of romance in the beginning.  Jack was dating a very nice nurse, Alex, and Jon was seeing a cheerleader named Sandy.  They became friends and liked to get together to talk and just hang out.
Then Sandy wanted a commitment and started screaming when Jon admitted that their future together was not the most important thing on Jon's mind.  Jon realized that continuing to see Sandy was not going to work out, there was too much drama and not enough intelligence to keep Jon's interest. 
Jack and Jon made plans to meet the next night but Jack never showed up.  When Jon ran into Jack at the library a few days later, Jack pretended that nothing was wrong and tried to brush Jon off.  Jon pressed for more information and Jack muttered something about the nurse, Alex, was jealous of the amount of time Jack and Jon spent together.  Alex was threatening to to start rumors about Jack and Jon's involvement.  Jon laughed it off and made a comment about "What is Alex so worried about?  We're just friends."

Jack muttered "I know.  That's what I said."  But something about Jack's tone and the faint blush made Jon realize that, just maybe, Jack didn't think of Jon as just a friend.  Jack quickly changed the subject and left soon after.

That night, Jon lay in bed and thought about what had happened.  What had gone wrong with Sandy, honestly?  Was it the fact that Sandy was too dramatic and annoying or was it really the fact that Jon wasn't attracted to Sandy?  The more Jon thought about it, the more the realization came.  Jon had started dating Sandy out of convenience and had never been fully into the relationship.  When Jack had come along, it was so much easier for Jon to blow off Sandy to spend time with Jack.  Jon drifted off to sleep and had the strangest dream.

In the dream, Jon was lying in bed with Jack.  Even though Jon had always just thought of Jack as a friend, in the dream, they were kissing one another.  And it felt right, it felt wonderful.  Jon woke up realizing that Jack wasn't just a friend, Jack was the love of Jon's life.  But what to do?  Society had just not come around to the idea of accepting this kind of relationship.  And, honestly, how did Jack feel?  A faint blush wasn't really a declaration of love.  What was Jon going to do?  If Jack didn't feel the same way, Jon was going to be very embarrassed...or possibly beaten to a bloody pulp if Jack reacted in an unfavorable manner.