Monday, July 19, 2004

What A Great Idea

Alas, a blog has a very good point today about what would make it fair if the government continues to oppose gay marriage. 
I realized the other day, while reading frog's blog, that I don't speak about this often enough.  As a heterosexual, I have a responsibility to my gay brethren and sistren (I don't think that's actually a word but I like it) to shout from the rooftops my support for their struggle. 

I wish that everyone who has ever been discriminated against would join in the fight.  And, honestly, if you really think about it, haven't we all been discriminated against?  Let's look at the highlights here, people:

  1. I'm a woman.  I have been discriminated against by people who do not feel that I can do the same job as a man for the same pay.  Fortunately, I no longer work for this person but there are a lot of women who still deal with this crap everyday.
  2. I'm overweight.  Yes, this is my problem to deal with but I had an employer who told me I was lucky that he hired me because who else would want to hire a fat chick?  I have gone on job interviews only to be told I didn't fit in with the rest of the office (all model thin and perfect looking).

If you have ever been discriminated against, please look into your heart and ask yourself "How did it feel when I was rejected based on my gender or the color of my skin or what I look like?"  If you're anything like me, it hurt.

What it comes down to, people, is that this is about basic human rights.  Everyone should be treated equally.  We all know that there are jackasses all over this country who still feel that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen or that blacks should still not be able to vote or that all Hispanics are lazy.  Stereotypes hurt and are wrong and prejudice should not be a part of our constitution. 

What it comes down to, people, is that this whole thing is based on what the definition of marriage is...

My Mom told me that marriage was what happened when two people who loved each other decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Two people.  Not a man and a woman.  Just two people in love that want to be together.  That's all we're talking about.  Open up your hearts.