Thursday, October 27, 2005

A camera! A camera! My queendom for a camera!

Last night was Beth's birthday, as I mentioned. Beth picked me up at home at 5 PM (it was funny. I arrived at home at 5 PM, exited Keem's car, walked through the parking ramp and lobby and got into Beth's car. Okay. Maybe it wasn't that funny) and we headed off into Minneapolis, listening to some good tunes and catching up on our week. Since I just saw her on Monday, not really a lot had changed for either of us but it's still fun to share.

Beth sent her camera in for repair on Monday and I forgot mine at home. Not that it matters because it doesn't have any batteries at the moment (they need to recharge) and I, well, I kind of suck when it comes to taking pictures. I don't know if it is me or if it is my camera or what the deal will see the difference when I post the pictures from the party. The pictures I took with Keem's camera are far superior to the ones I took with my own. Plus, my hand shakes so I think I need a tripod.

Anyway, after some really great food at Manny's and a good time spent with Beth's Mom (Laurie) and her Mom's boyfriend (Scott), Beth and I headed out to go to her Mom's house. And got lost. Again. This is not really a big deal because we did eventually find our way to Fridley.

On our way, trying to find a highway that would take us to Fridley, Beth and I had the following conversations:

DM: Duc Loi.
B & DM: International Supermarket.
DM: You know, when I hear the word International, I usually think the next word is going to be Spy. Not Supermarket.
B: We so need to drive around some day and take pictures of weird signs.
DM: Yes! We could go to the Fu Xing Buffet (We have assumed that Fu Xing is pronounced Fooking)!
B: I don't want to eat there.
DM: I don't either but we could take a picture of the sign.

We are travelling some more. Completely and totally lost.

B: I think this road runs into something.
DM: Hopefully not a building.
B (laughs): No! I mean a highway or something. As long as it isn't 394.

Thirty seconds go by.

B: Well (as we are headed for construction and an obvious dead end), looks like I need to turn here.

I am sure that there was other things that we said that were funny but, unfortunately, I have not yet broken down and bought a tape recorder. And, as Beth put it, considering our tendency to forget things that we've said, what are the chances that we'd remember to a) turn the tape recorder on or b) remember that we taped something?

We did make it back to her Mom's. I got to spend some not so quality time with my former cat, Mac (for adorable pictures, please see Beth's blog), trying to convince him that he should shower me with love and affection. It did not work. He is so completely and totally in love with Laurie and Scott that I'm sure I'm just a dim memory. He also has a small cat to play with and two dogs to play with (or in Pepper's case, hiss at) and he gets to go outside lots so he is a happy cat.

Tonight we will go to karaoke, of course. There will be fun and laughter. Of course.

Hope you're all having a great week. I hope to have the pictures from the party up soon. And then there will be pictures from Halloween! Yay!