Saturday, October 01, 2005

Books I read in September

I got this idea from Udge.

Mystery Novels

Dean Koontz - Mr. Murder (I've read this book several times and enjoy it every time. Dean Koontz does have a pretty good sense of humor and this is one of his less scarier books)

Harlan Coben (thanks to Beth's mom for pointing me in his direction, very good and suspenseful, really enjoyed his writing)
No Second Chance
Gone For Good
The Innocent
Just One Look

Nevada Barr - Hard Truth (not bad. Never read anything by Nevada Barr before, the book ended with me wanting to know more about the characters)

Sidney Sheldon - Nothing Lasts Forever (read it before, takes place in a hospital. You cannot beat Sidney Sheldon for a good read)

Regency Romances (I like Regency Romances more than modern, mainly because people aren't jumping into bed all the time)

Valentine Wishes Anthology (I love anthologies, short stories are fun because you get introduced to more characters)
3 short stories:
Lady Diana's courtship - Mona Gedney (Eh)
A Valentine From Venus - Cindy Holbrook (Not overly believable)
Cupid's Ace - Jeanne Savery (Not bad at all)

Marion Chesney - The Sins of Lady Dacey (Marion Chesney is without a doubt my favorite Regency Romance writer)

Julia Parks - A Gift For A Rogue (Eh)

April Kihlstrom - The Wily Wastrel (Too many references to other books she had written so I was kind of lost)

Supernatural Novels

Bite: An Anthology:
Laurel K Hamilton - The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death (Too short!)
Charlaine Harris - One Word Answer (Too short but not bad)
MaryJanice Davidson - Biting In Plain Sight (Really cute. Loved it)
Angela Knight - Galahad (Not bad but way too much sex)
Vickie Taylor - Blood Lust (Not bad)

James Laurence - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Faith Trials (Novelisation of 3 of the shows featuring Faith. We all know how much I love Buffy, right?)