Sunday, October 09, 2005

Half empty? Half full? You decide.

I am having a good and a bad day, depends on how you look at things.

I am working on a post about Thursday - karaoke and other things. It is moving somewhat slowly. Mainly the part about karaoke where I, well, said something I shouldn't have and am not sure if I was able to cover up. But it's difficult to post about it because I am trying to keep Gil's secret identity secret and I'm not sure how I can possibly do so. It's not that I worry about any of you finding out who he is...but there's always the off chance that he might stumble across my blog. Would that be so bad if he did find out that I am absolutely crazy about him? I don't know.

Keem (by the way, Keem is not her real name. It is Kim. But I like double ee's and so I started calling her Keem one day and it stuck) is on vacation and it kind of sucks. I am extremely bored and there is not enough posting going on in the blogoverse. People! I'm bored! Write something!

Eddy is following me around like crazy. If I leave the room, he is right behind me, waiting for me to stop so he can sit next to me and let me pet him. He slept with me last night, something that only happens when Keem is gone.

I called Kari today to talk to her for a bit.

DM: What are you doing?
K: Working.
DM: Working? At work?
K: Yes. What are you doing?
DM: Cleaning.
K: What (This doesn't happen often)?
DM: Keem's in Fargo. I'm bored.
K: So you're cleaning.
DM: Yeah.

I have been bored (I mentioned that, right?) so I decided cleaning was the thing to do. I've been meaning to move my bed up against the far wall of my room but hadn't done it because it was such a huge project. My bed was completely surrounded by stuff on 3 sides and a wall at the head. I had a small path to get to it. Well, tonight I cleaned around the bed, moved some boxes and got things where I wanted them to be. I have a whole crap load of stuff to move that is sitting in the middle of the floor but! There is a whole strip of floor that was not clean before. This is a big deal for me.

I was making the bed with brand new sheets and Eddy decided to "help". He flung himself onto the bed as I was wrestling with the fitted sheet. I was putting the sheet on wrong and didn't realize it at first. Not until the right lower corner came undone and Eddy attacked it. Then, as I was straightening the sheet, he laid down in the middle of the bed. The flat sheet came next and he continued to lay there as the sheet billowed around him. Then he made this yowling noise he only uses when he is either stoned on catnip or has "wild eyes" and raced from one end of the bed to the other, sticking his head out at the top. The cat is a dork.

The bad part of my day is something I discovered last night at work. I decided to check out my account and found out I have fraud on it. Someone has been taking money out of my account through debit ACH and when I try to contact the number listed, there is just a busy signal. So I am considerably broke right now. I filed a claim on it and the woman I was talking to decided to check if anything had been taken out before. Turns out this money was withdrawn last month as well. I had wondered about why I had been overdrawn but didn't think much about it since I'm not overly good at keeping track of my account. So the nice thing is that, once the claim is resolved, I should get that money back and two of the overdraft fees reversed as well.

The thing that really ticks me off about this is that I may have to open up a new account. The company putting this charge through has been changing the name and, even though the banker put stops on the debit ACH, if they change the name again, it won't stop a future charge. Can you say SACANA! I sure can. Rat bastards. You'd think I would have noticed this last month. How did I miss a charge for roadside service? I don't have a car!

But you know, it's going to be okay. I know it will be resolved, I know that I can open up a new account if I need to, I will be fine, if a little broke for the next few days.

Jeff said something to me tonight that was interesting.

J: Are you okay? Are you in a bad mood?
DM: What? No. I'm fine. I'm just cleaning.
J: Are you still taking those pills?
DM: Yes.
J: You don't get sad or upset anymore.
DM: No. Why bother? I have happy pills.
J: I need to get some of those.

I have to wonder what it would be like if I wasn't on Effexor and dealing with the whole fraud thing. I can guarantee that my response to being bored today would not have been to clean.

Okay. It's 2:42 AM and I really should go to bed. I hope you all have a good night/weekend.