Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dana loves

Yeah, so I found this on Teri's blog and since I did the "Dana needs" meme, it's now time to find out what Dana loves.

Dana loves Nicholas Sparks' novels (Actually, she has never read one. Sorry).
Dana loves Pepsi, even has it for breakfast (No, she doesn't. She has Mountain Dew and only on days she is very tired. Otherwise she drinks water).
Dana loves flowers. She likes daisies, tulips, and daffodils (Yes! She does. Good call).
Dana loves the swings and the slides. She loves speed (This is also true).
Remember Dana loves you (Yes, she does).
Dana Loves Ariel and Ariel Loves Dana (Who's Ariel?)
Dana loves being with Grandpa and you (Grandpa's dead).
Dana loves life (Yes, she does. Life is good. Thank you, Effexor, for making that true).
Dana Loves to Go Down and Suck Good Cock (Okay. Dana doesn't remember if she likes this)!
Dana loves all kinds of music (very true).
Dana loves to teach Italian/Mediterranean cuisine (Dana doesn't cook).
Dana loves to show off her incredible body (HAHAHAHAHA).
Dana Loves Ryan (Dana thinks Ryan is hot. She does not love him).
Dana loves children immensely and children gravitate to her (Noooooooooooo)!
Dana LOVES her job (Dana likes her job but would give it all up if the right millionaire came around and proposed)!
Dana loves blood imagery, she loves sexual imagery and, man, does she love the underbelly of the world (Dana's a little scared now).
Dana loves to get into the office early on Mondays (Are you on crack?).
Dana loves exercise (And again, I ask, are you on crack?).
Dana loves bareback sex (Yeah, because she has so much of it).
Dana loves everyone except the UPS driver (I don't know what I have against the UPS driver but okay).
Dana loves to ride an antique tricycle to get around the city (That sounds like fun).
Dana loves her new stuffed toy (Dana is remaining faithful to Hippo, thanks very much).
Dana loves cookies (Mmm, cookies).