Thursday, November 17, 2005

10 firsts

Found on frog's blog.

First Best Friend: Linda
First Screen Name: badbadkittygirl (my Mom loved that email address, let me tell you)
First Piercing: ears (and I didn't get them until I was 18)
First Crush: I'm pretty sure his name was Peter and he was tall and cute and I was in 4th grade and we saw him somewhere and my Dad asked him what his intentions were towards me (Thanks, Dad. That went over well)
First Music: Uh, no clue. Maybe the ABC song? I sang it when I was 2.
First Car: Hahahahahahaha! An El Camino. I can dream, right?
First Stuffed Animal: The first one I remember is Panda. But I was 7 when I got him. I am sure there were others.
First love: Never been in love. And no, Beth, I am not in love now. I am in like.
First Time Being Drunk: When I was 14 or 15 years old, I was visiting a friend and her Dad gave me blackberry brandy.
First Job: Babysitting. Babysitting children from Hell. Reminds me, I should tell you all about the time I babysat for Damien and ended up giving him a bloody nose. Oops.