Monday, November 14, 2005

You might be a karaoke junkie if:

The Top Ten Reasons to tell if you are a karaoke junkie.

10. Willingly and gladly sacrifice sleep to go to karaoke.

9. Think nothing of spending close to $15 a week just to get to karaoke by taxi (or in Beth's case, driving from Moundsville to Saint Paul to Roseville to Saint Paul to Moundsville on Sundays and the occasional Thursday (Thanks, by the way, for keeping me from going insane, Beth, on these last few Thursday nights when I was "broken." I appreciate it)).

8. Carry around a notebook with a list of your karaoke songs. Granted, it's also used for blogging but the karaoke songs are on the first 2 pages. And when I say 2 pages, I mean back to back so it's technically 4 pages. Well, technically it is technically 3 1/2 pages but it is growing.

7. Secretly be thrilled when you see other people start carrying around a notebook with their list of karaoke songs (yay! Angie-Ang is now doing it. Beth and I have started a trend).

6. Ask a complete stranger for his autograph and refer to him as a celebrity. A friend of Bryan's walked in the Chalet and Bryan introduced him as Dan Lang, who belonged to Bryan's band, Medium. He plays keyboards. Beth and I were all excited and Beth exclaimed "He's a celebrity! We know another celebrity!"

5. When asked by a co-worker if you have ever gone to karaoke at a particular location, scoff and say "I only go to karaoke if Bryan is the host. It would be cheating otherwise." Okay, that might prove that I'm a Bryan junkie but that's just wrong. Karaoke is my drug of choice and Bryan is my pusher. How's that? That sounds better, right?

4. Actually divide up karaoke into two sections. Karaoke and After Karaoke. Karaoke is the actual singing, of course. After Karaoke is the time spent talking to our friends and having great conversations that are not interrupted by off-key people butchering songs or singing LOUDLY.

3. On your check list of what you're looking for in a man, list must like karaoke right underneath must not be married and above not be a psycho or a complete jackass or a Republican (I am stating for the record that I do not think that all Republicans are psychos or jackasses. I have friends that are Republicans. I just don't want to be married to one).

2. Find yourself getting angry with someone because they are not following Rule #2 of the Rules of Karaoke.

2a. Come up with Rules for Karaoke.

And the number one reason that proves you are a karaoke junkie:

1. When you dream that aliens approach you and ask you to take you to your leader, you don't bring them to Washington DC and introduce them to W. No. You bring them to the Chalet and introduce them to Bryan.

And this isn't related to anything at all but I'm obsessed with adding the artwork to iTunes and googled "Science Fiction Movie Themes" images and one of the pictures that pulled up was the soundtrack to Mariah Carey's Glitter. I think we all know that the science fiction there was that it would be a good movie to make. That might be better under Fantasy but it's still funny.

Beth did a post about Sunday night at karaoke. It can be found here. There was no Gil but there were hookers. Or possible hookers.