Thursday, November 10, 2005


I finally convinced Kari that I could post some pictures from our outing to the Children's Museum. I ended up sending her an email of carefully edited pictures. I think they are still pretty amusing and hope that you will enjoy them.


Okay, you can't really tell by looking at it but this sign drove me nuts. We ended up having to wait for awhile because Josh was asleep and Kari didn't want to wake him up right away because he apparently gets quite crabby. Anyway, the sign is crooked. Well, no, the sign is hung in a straight line but the wall angled and so there was this space that wasn't even above the sign and it just irritated me. But Kari refused to start the car and drive to another spot just because I was having sign issues. Which I think is very irrational and mean.


This is the fountain that Josh threw money into. Josh loves fountains. He had been somewhat crabby until he saw the fountain and then his face just lit up. I like to think he gets this from me because I, as a Pisces, am also quite fond of water.


Here we are waiting for Josh to decide if he wants to come with us or not. He was in somewhat of a mood (not that I'm insinuating that my nephew would be crabby. Because that is just not true (imagine me rolling my eyes right now)) and didn't want to walk or leave the fountain or something like that, can't quite remember.


We are on our way to McDonald's (ended up going to Subway). I am confused about the sign over Ronald's head. I was pretty sure this building was the World Trade Center but it now seems to be known as Wells Fargo Place. Odd. Perhaps it is to confuse terrorists. And why is it that, even though I hate clowns, Ronald McDonald doesn't creep me out that much?


I pointed out the birds to Josh and he wanted to go and watch them. Smart kid. Birds are fun. They were crossing the street until a car came along and scared them. Stupid car.


The skyway had these hanging from the ceiling. Cool. They were all different.


Here Josh shows us the color "Green." Is he not the most brilliant child you have ever seen? Or, well, the most brilliant hand?



I thought this was cool. It reminded me of that poem that Diana posted and then I decided to try.





Josh really liked the Raceways exhibit. I'm not overly surprised by this because he is Eric's son and thus is fascinated by all things that are ball related. I tried very hard to get a picture of the golf ball doing the loop but, as you can see, I failed.



This was my favorite in the Raceways exhibit. I am not sure why I am fascinated by the whole idea of the balls spinning around rapidly but I am. I may have even giggled. Maybe.


As you can see, my hair is much longer. And annoying. Rachel will still not let me get it cut, not even a trim. Rachel is mean. Here I am looking studious and busy. Much like I do every day (Yes, yes, laugh it up, people).


This is Kari. She got much cooler bubbles than I did.


This was probably Josh's favorite exhibit. It involved water and boats. We would bring him to the bubbles and then he would be back over at the boats again.


This is my favorite picture of Kari. I am not supposed to post it. Pretend you don't see it. But the reason I posted it is to demonstrate what the next picture is for. We were trying to get Josh to stand in the ticket office and give Kari a ticket (brochure). He wouldn't do it and kept running off to the boats. Finally, Kari went into the ticket office and Josh was supposed to take the ticket from her.


You can see how well that worked. Yes. He went back to the boats.



The museum had a little store and you could pretend that you were shopping. Josh appears to be fascinated with vegetables. This is good.


Here I have pulled my hair back with a stupid headband that irritates me. I am not overly fond of my forehead but I also hate having my hair in my eyes. If I could find a way to make my hair stay mid forehead and look somewhat attractive, I would do it. Rachel vetoed the glue idea.

Notice the museum sticker. This is where Josh decided to put it. You will also see the lovely necklace I am wearing. It was a gift from Josh, made with his own two little hands.


Just call me Shaggy.


The Lion is thirsty. Yes, I am a dork.


The Lioness is perturbed that she is not receiving any water.


It was story time. Josh sat still for a whole two minutes.


The museum had cool little sayings like this all over the place. This was by the book nook which is the coolest thing ever to have in a museum. A place where you can read. I love it.


Here is Josh and Kari, reading the book together.


This is the most popular children's television show in Japan. I don't get it either.


Like I would pass up taking a picture of a frog. Not very likely.


Sandra Boyton is one of my favorite authors for children. I just love the pictures. I think she still does greeting cards as well.




Trying to keep the kid from noticing that Kari went to the bathroom and therefore is NOT in the same room with him. Guess how long it took from happy playing to total meltdown? Yeah. 30 seconds would be the correct answer.


Beneath this lovely mural is a small child who has been momentarily distracted by a fountain. Amount of time the fountain distracted him? 20 seconds. Fortunately Kari returned before he climbed the clock tower and took out the whole crowd.


There was this pillow and Josh thought running and jumping on it was the funnest thing ever. And it was hilarious. The kid is such a clown. But not a scary Stephen King like clown.


Is he not the cutest thing that you have ever seen? He was hiding. And he is a good model and will gladly go and stand for Aunty Dana to take his picture because she missed this pose the first time.




And later it was time for karaoke. Where James was pressured into singing the last song of the night. It was a duet with Nate. Bryan decided that they would be singing "Strokin'" by Clarence Carter. It was great. I don't know why James tries to resist us when we urge him to sing, he's actually not bad.

Anyway, from left to right, there is Dean's head in the corner, James singing, Jay Tice after he did some weird chair dance and Nate.

Hope you enjoyed. I was going to stay home from karaoke tonight but Beth is quite persuasive. So it is time to take my nap. Have a lovely evening, y'all (just read Nancy's blog and I picked up the y'all. It's kind of fun. Especially when you imagine it with a Minnesota accent).