Friday, November 11, 2005

Things I need to do

Hi. Yes, I'm resorting to adding a checklist to my blog. I promise that it should be funny.

1. Buy a new bra - I had a perfectly good bra but then Keem mentioned that she was looking at the Just My Size catalog and was going to buy a few new bras and then I said maybe I will buy one and she said you should because you only wear the one and I said but I like it. And five minutes after that conversation, the damn underwire broke. So all last night at karaoke, I was being stabbed in the boob. That's always fun. Fortunately, I was able to find my backup bra this morning. Otherwise I would be a very cranky Queen of the Universe.

2. Learn to say no to Beth - This is much harder than you would think. Take yesterday. I had not been feeling good all week. I was achy and sneezy and had what I like to consider flu-like symptoms (pretty much just being achy and sneezy. I have mentioned that I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to being sick, right?) and told everyone that asked that, no, I was not going to karaoke. But Beth, she is persuasive. I called her at about 4:30 to let her know that I wouldn't be going.

DM: Hi. I wanted to let you know I won't be going to karaoke tonight.
B: Yes, you are.
DM: No, I've not been feeling good and I should stay home.
B: You're lame.
DM: No, I'm not.
B: Mike, tell Dana that she's lame (Mike is my former boss).
M: Lame-O.
DM: But I have flu-like symptoms.
M: So? You're still lame.

Beth gets back on the phone.

DM: But what about my flu-like symptoms?
B: I did a face-plant and I'm still going.
DM: Fine (tone of the martyr). I'll go.
B: Okay. I'll pick you up.

I had actually been feeling better by the end of the work day but I would like to know why, when I said to my co-workers that I was going to karaoke, how come everyone said "Well, we knew that." Am I that predictable?

Anyway, I'm glad I went to karaoke but that is not the point. Why is it that Beth can talk me into going to karaoke or singing songs that I don't even know that well (such as last night - "Mama Told Me Not To Come" which was horrible and then "Living On A Prayer" which wasn't so bad except for the horrible key change during the chorus. (Yet when I suggest that she sing something, it is rejected. But let Steve make a suggestion and she'll try it. No, I'm not bitter about that at all))?

Joe Funko is very funny. I watched him juggle popcorn at karaoke. Popcorn.

3. Clean my room. Maybe if I put it here it'll actually happen.

Yeah. I don't believe me either. But today (it's now Sunday morning, can't sleep, talking with Beth on IM) when I wake up again, I will clean the area in front of my bed. I will start small. It can happen. And maybe I'll make my bed. Yeah.

And actually, it's now Monday. Do you think I cleaned my room? The correct answer is no. Although I just found out that Jeff's been looking at a townhome and it would probably be a good idea to clean my room before I have to move because I have a feeling that Keem and Beth are not going to be so willing to assist me this time.

4. Stop getting dressed in the dark. Last week I had two incidents. One where I realized in the elevator that my shirt was backwards. Easy to fix, switched it around while Keem laughed at me. The 2nd incident was not noticed until I went to work and Rachel said "You know, I thought your shirt was inside out but then I realized it was the design" and Laurie said "No, actually her shirt is inside out."

Well, at least I can entertain my co-workers. That's a plus, right?