Thursday, November 03, 2005


So things are tough right now. Through my own damn fault, I have managed to dig myself a very deep hole financially. I have approximately three dollars to last me to payday. Payday, by the way, is on the 15th. That's a loooooooong way from today.

But, trying to look at things positively, I am thankful that Keem and I went grocery shopping before hand. I am thankful that I paid my rent and am not going to end up out on the street. I am thankful that today is November 3 and my stock options finally became available so that I can sell them and use the proceeds to get myself out of debt.

And, quite possibly the most important thing of all, right now I am eating meatballs that Keem made last night in a cream of mushroom/bacon & horseradish dip sauce and they are quite yummy.

So things aren't all bad if you have good food and a roof over your head, right?