Friday, November 04, 2005

Why I need Effexor OR Just call me Tragedy Girl

Went to karaoke last night with Beth and had a great time, as usual. Since I am somewhat broken (how I refer to being without money), Beth came to pick me up. When she called to wake me up, I answered the phone before I turned off the CPAP machine (I did take it off my face first).

DM: Hello.
B: Hi. What is that noise?
DM: Oh! I forgot to turn off the CPAP machine.
B: I just heard this (makes whoosing sound) noise.
DM: Well, they do call me Hurricane Dana.

Since Beth worked until 11:00 PM, we got up to the Chalet at about midnight? I think. I wasn't paying that much attention, having too much fun catching up with Beth on what happened in our week. It was dead.

We asked Joe Funko and the people at his table if there was anyone sitting at the table behind them. They said no and so we quickly cleared off the table in preparation to sit down. Alas, someone had been sitting there and I may have thrown away a beer that was about half full. Oh, well. I don't like beer. We moved to another table.

The rotation was very small. There was a woman there that Joe refers to as 12 Tooth, the woman that I referred to once as "Scary Anorexic Woman." She was butchering "Nobody" by Sylvia, a song I sometimes sing as my warm-up song. I, being a Bad Dana, wanted to sing it directly after her just to show her how it should be sung. I did not because that would be mean and I may be a Bad Dana but I am not an Evil Dana. I sung "Change The World" instead, as usual. Some guy with a mullet (the one whose beer I threw away (oops)) sang "Bed of Roses." It was, well, horrible.

Steve came up and we were exchanging stories while waiting for our turns to sing. He and Beth also talked about work (Steve is her team lead) and it is fun to watch how they interact with each other. They are both very excited about their team and it shows. I think they must be a fantastic supervisor and team lead to work for. Not that I could because they are my friends but still. Steve sang "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash and he rocked.

Beth and I proved to Steve that "Take On Me" by A-Ha is the hardest song in the book. He didn't believe us and decided to try singing it. We did not laugh at him when he struggled with the high notes. Much.

Joe was very amusing last night. When Mullet Man was singing, he started conducting an imaginary orchestra. It was hilarious. He was also attacked by a woman who could be 12 Tooth's mother but we're not sure. She heard Joe mention Neil Diamond (or I did, not sure) and she gravitated to Joe's table and wouldn't leave him alone. Finally, I called over to him and told him I needed to ask him a question. When he came over, I told him that I was rescuing him. He was quite grateful and ended up sitting by us for most of the night.

Liz came up and joined us for awhile. Keem had asked me why Beth and I were going to karaoke so late because we wouldn't have much time to sing. I explained to her that the most important part of karaoke isn't karaoke but the "After Karaoke." When we sit and talk about life and love and friendship and weird things that might have happened to us in our lives.

Which is where the title comes from. Somehow, I am not sure, we were talking and I mentioned something that has bothered me since I was a youngster. It was tragic.

DM: I had a pet rock.
B: Wait. Did you just say you had a pet rock?
DM: Yes. He ran away.
B (silently laughing at my pain): Did you set him on a hill?
DM: Yes. And there were a bunch of other rocks so I couldn't find him.
B: You didn't think of just picking up another rock?
DM: That wouldn't be the same. And it would be weird calling his name because it's not like he could answer me.
B: You so need to blog this.
DM: Yes. And I could say that this is why I need Effexor. Because of tragedies like this. Such as the time my pet Super Ball ran away.

I do not remember what my pet rock's name was. I bought him at a garage sale for a dollar. The Super Ball's name was Herman (this may have been after Herman Munster but I'm not sure). He ran away twice. The first time I was able to catch him but the 2nd time he bounced away into a storm train. Tragic.

Steve told us a story about how he was stalked by a white van when he was kid and it really freaked him out. It turned out that it was a newspaper reporter who saw Steve riding his bike to the baby-sitter's with a bunch of BALLOONS! tied to his bike and they took his picture and wanted to get his name.

Do you have any stories about weird/comic tragic events in your childhood? Please share.