Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More memes. It's that kind of day.

You are the Pirates of the Caribbean kiss!

Which Movie Kiss Are You?
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Fire Fairy
You are a Fire Queen. You are a Brave warroir and
you know how to fight for yourselve and your
kingdom. Your kingdom is very strong and
wealthy. You might get in some wars but mostly
you win and you fear nothing!

What kind of Queen are you?
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Well, that's just kind of cool. Don't you guys just love knowing how well I can take care of you all?

Loopy---You're fun. Have you been told that before?
You're not stressed out very often, and even if
you feel like you are, you can still trick
people into thinking you're having the time of
your life. You're concerned with making
yourself look good in the eyes of others, but
you don't freak out too much about personal
appearance. People want to be around you
because you will always lighten the mood in any

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Okay. That's a little frightening with how accurate it is.

You are Deb and you could drink whole milk if you

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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Cool. I liked Deb.

Goofy Result

Which DISNEY character are you most like?
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Well, that's just perfect. Great. I'm Goofy. The most annoying of all Disney characters.

You're the Arrow Keys!
Totally unpredictable is your middle name. You're
wild and crazy, living from moment to moment
and going where the wind takes you. Some people
may call you eccentric, but you're just
following your heart and being true to

What computer key are you?
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This is not overly surprising.

Okay. I can only take so many tests. What should I do now? I know. I'll set up a Frappr map. Thanks for the idea, Nancy.

Check out our Frappr!