Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The avidly awaited bi-weekly karaoke post

I know you're all seriously disappointed in me for not posting about the happenings that occured last Thursday. I apologize profusely. I have decided to make up for that lack by combining the two nights (Thursday and Sunday night) into one ultra-special karaoke post. Feel the excitement!

A little bit of information about Thursday nights. They are much busier than Sundays. Usually the Chalet-sponsored softball team is there (but not as much lately since the season is over). This is how we met Joe Funko, the Reverend James and his fiance Marion. This is also how we met Shawn (the world's drunkest man) and Donny (some random guy) - Beth is not overly fond of either of them right now. But more on this later.

There was a group of people up near the front of the stage. We determined, using our logic and powers of deduction, that these people were celebrating the 21st birthday of a young man named Brandon. Marvel at this conclusion (brought about by Bryan saying "This is Brandon. Today is his 21st birthday"). The two people that Beth and I noticed the most, besides Brandon, was his brother Joey and a girl named Emily. Both Beth and I agreed Emily looked familiar. I said I thought she might have been in a movie (Actually, I asked her. No, she has not but she has been told by people that they remind her of the best friend from the Princess Diaries. Which, yeah, she does but still, I swear I've seen her somewhere).

Joey was, in a word, hi-larious (Johnny coined this word when we were in Portugal. As she put it, hi-larious meant that it was even funnier then hilarious). He was probably about 22 or 23, cute in a dorky way and has a great career ahead of him as a karaoke host. He was dancing around on the stage, making funny comments (such as when he was singing this stupid song that I can't remember the name of, there was a part that talks about silk panties or red silk panties or something like that. He stops and says "I can't sing that, my mother is here." Very cute).

There were some other people at their table, the afforementioned mother, a man about her age (maybe the boyfriend/husband? Not sure and don't remember his name. Was it Lee?) who sang Celebration and completely rocked it, some other friends of Brandon, Emily and Joey. The whole table was very personable and friendly, making comments about how much we rocked and hooting and hollering whenever we got up to sing. Beth and I started picking songs we thought would appeal to them.

I decided to sing Stuck in the Middle With You. This went over very well, their table laughed appropriately at my remark about how they wouldn't let me use a knife when I sang the song and they inspired me to actually dance a little. Which is quite shocking, believe me, because I do not dance at all. Well, I chair dance but that is completely different from moving my body around on a stage.

At one point, the artist now known as Lee got up to sing. I leaned over to Beth. "Ooh. He's got a (karaoke) disc. That's always exciting." This confirmed that I am seriously a karaoke junkie. Oh, speaking of that, I told Bryan about the dream I had about bringing the aliens to him as my leader and his response to that was "Yeah, and that prick Bryan will make you fill out a slip. If you don't fill out a slip, Zoltar, you can't sing."

We had a great time, as always, on Thursday. It's always fun when there is a good crowd of people that are filled with energy. You know that you've been accepted as a member of the Thursday cool table (Reverend James & Marion's table) when they start discussing how to irritate Beth and it is determined that Donny should sing the song "Beth" by KISS. Which is Beth's least favorite song. The last time it was sung by Shawn, she started yelling at the stage about how the Beth in the song was going to either leave or change all of the locks. She starts this again. The word git may have been used to describe the song writer. We enjoyed laughing at with her.

At one point, I saw Ryan (he is a pretty, pretty man) leaving and he kind of backed into the door. I sighed.

DM: I wish I was that door.
B: What? Did you just say you wished you were the door?
DM: Did I say that out loud (She nods)? Um, Ryan was leaving.
B: You're weird.

Liz and James came up with Matt, who works for James at the theater. Beth and I were excited to see James because we wanted to talk to him about Lost. Matt is also a fan so we had a great conversation about that while Liz gave us the "You are all a bunch of freaks" look. Matt seems nice enough but a little odd. He may or may not have been hitting on Beth. We're not sure.

Somehow, probably because I am an idiot, I ended up mentioning the whole Tale of the Blue Stiffy thing. This came up because Matt was talking about an awkward experience he had recently had and I proved that mine was probably more humiliating (why do I find the need to share these stories when Gil is around? Why?). Plus, I figured out that Matt could be my son. Sort of. Since I was 15 when he was born, it is stretching it a little but it was still kind of fun.

Anyway, I was going to try and finish telling you about Sunday but I am running short of time. Maybe tomorrow?

Okay, have a lovely evening. Oh, my Mom is here. Looking forward to seeing her on Thursday.