Friday, November 18, 2005

Have you seen it? Have you?

So I've been working on my archives, updating them, and you can just imagine my excitement when I pulled up my site yesterday and saw my shiny, new banner. I believe my exact words were (after the squeal) "Oh, my banner! Look, look at my banner!" This, for some reason, frightened my boss and co-workers. Which I really don't understand because, hello, I think we have already proven that I am a freak.

But isn't it the cutest thing ever? It was created by the very funny and versatile and most creative person I have ever "met," Sheryl of Paper Napkin. I say versatile because she very nicely dealt with my vague answers to her questions of "So what do you want for a banner." I think my response was something like "Um...I like frogs."

I think this banner completely explains why my blog is called Green Duckies. Which, if you've ever wondered why it's called that, here's the link.

If you like the banner, (and really, how could you not?) please stop by Sheryl's site and tell her how much she completely and totally rocks.