Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Okay, weird emails again.

Asian Cutie sends you a virtual kiss (Wow. Thanks. I could care less).
Im single and looking for you (My first thought was "Sorry. You can't apostrophe correctly so you don't have a chance" so obviously that needs to be added to the list).
The CSI team needs your help (And my first thought was "Really? Does Grissom pine for me?" My love for Gil Grissom is one of the reasons that Gil is named Gil. And yes, Teri, you're right. I just can't go without talking about him. It has been over one week since I have seen him. I do not like having a Gil free week).
Who will each the oval office first (It's bad enough that the typo is there. What is worse is that I read it as "Who will eat the oval office first")?
My Friend, You are in Trouble (You threaten me and call me friend in the same subject line? (By the way, it's about software. Perhaps Bill Gates is mad at me)).
Lose several pounds before the holidays (Well, it's more honest than the usual claim of losing 50 pounds if you just take some pill that's horribly evil and will quite possibly kill you)
Dana! Its raining cash (No. It's raining rain. And possibly snow).

And the title comes from the fact that I've been Googling pictures for iTunes and entered in Tim Curry, who apparently is in Spamalot. And just so you all know, Tim Curry? Yeah, he's hot. I knew this already but it was just reinforced by the pictures of him in a tux.