Monday, August 23, 2004

Conversations about Cheese

I read a post that Angi wrote recently. In it, she mentioned a chef making a comment about a particular cheese not having the character and personality of sharp cheddar. She was amused by it and I commented about the fact that if sharp cheddar had a character and personality, it was a bully.

On Sunday, Katie, Keem and I went to see Ella Enchanted at The Plaza. While we were waiting, Katie mentioned she was addicted to Angi's blog and I brought up the cheese post and my feelings about sharp cheddar. This was the resulting conversation:

Keem: I don't think sharp cheddar is a bully. I think Limburger is the bully.
Katie: Because of the smell?
Keem: Yes. It uses the smell to its advantage and pushes the other cheeses around.
DM: I don't think Limburger is a bully. I think Limburger is the fat kid of cheese. That nobody likes.
Keem: The Pig Pen of cheese?
DM: Yes. And I think it's very sad. Because none of the other cheeses will play with it.
Katie: Is Swiss cheese poor?
DM: No. Swiss cheese is rich and snooty.
Keem: No, it's not. Brie is rich and snooty.
DM: Okay. And Gorgonzola is cousins with Blue and Roquefort cheese. But it has more money so it changed it's name and lives in a better neighborhood. I am so writing this down.

But then the movie started and I don't know what we would have decided about Mozzarella. Perhaps Mozzarella slaves away for her evil step-cheese and then her fairy godmother cheese comes along and helps her to marry Prince Camembert?

Previous Comments:

At 5:58 PM, angelia said...
I think Mozzerella would be the diva of cheeses. Seriously, she is the most sought after cheese there is. At over four dollars a pound (according to the pizza joint's food cost), and the fact that she is requested on most pizza's I would think that she has it all. Fame, fortune, people lusting after her, definately a diva

At 6:11 PM, Donkey said...
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At 8:29 PM, CarpeDM said...
Wow, Donkey, that was really a well written comment about cheese. I'm impressed.