Sunday, August 22, 2004

This is dedicated to the one I love

Today is my mother's birthday. She is expecting of a mushy birthday card and will receive one, however, since I bought it today and she lives in Arizona, she will not receive it as quickly as she would like. However, being the dutiful daughter that I am, I am going to write my ode to Mom, although not poetry so I'm not sure if it's technically an ode anymore. Perhaps it is a saga. But saga to Mom just sounds stupid.

Okay, anyway. How about Letter to Mom?

Dear Mom,

Today is your birthday (Do not worry, I will not tell my vast group of followers how old you actually are. I do not want to be disowned). Happy birthday to you. Today I thought I would mention some of the things I remember about you that fill me with joy, in the hopes that they will fill you with joy as well. The links are stories about you that I have already posted, just in case you have never read them.

Thank you for being strong enough to leave Dad and for raising Kari and I in a time and town where there weren't a lot of single mothers. You rarely ever said a bad word about him, even though we knew he didn't pay child support, which I appreciate because it made it possible for me to love my father and still recognize his shortcomings all on my own.

Thank you for helping me come up with my screen name. I'm pretty fond of CarpeDM.

Thank for not laughing hysterically when I came to you with a fish hook caught in my lip.

Thank you for teaching me how to read. I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't have the power of reading to get me through Life and all of it's oddness.

Thank you for attempting to teach me how to drive.

Thank you for getting me out of an extremely bad living situation and buying me a mattress.

Thank you for still loving me even though I was a rebellious little teenage punk who probably made your life hell. I am sorry I threw a vaccum cleaner at you. And also for loving me when I am a rebellious adult.

Thank you for telling me that I would much rather enjoy working for a large corporation than fast food 353 times. It took 15 years but it finally sunk in.

I love you. Happy birthday. Thank you for putting up with me.

Dana Marie

Previous Comments:
At 5:42 PM, Carolinaiiiii said...
Hey, thanks Dana for the Birthday Blog! I had a really nice birthday, talking long distance to you, Kari, and Josh. Well, Josh, just says AH! Then I went to a very nice church service at Assembly of God here on the White Mountains. Then not so funny I went to our local Dairy Queen to pick up the sheet cake I had ordered for our Park's Ice Cream Social, and they WEREN'T OPEN! After trying to get the owner on the phone to get someone to open up and give me the ice cream cake I had looked forward to, I did some quick thinking and went to the Safeway Grocery Store and grabbed ice cream and cake and got to the Social just in time to dish it out. Why do I volunteer for these kind of things? Something always goes haywire! After the dessert, we played horseracing. You use masting tape to make several squares for each horse, and then you bet 2 dimes on 2 horses of your choice of 6. Then the dice start flying, one marked dice is the number of the horse and the other the squares it is to move. Everyone gets so excited over the 10 races, even though the money is not going to make us rich or poor. The last race is for 25 cents and you can only bet on 1 horse. I came out about $1 ahead; probably the highest winnings was closer to $3.

Well got to go; maybe my mushy card will come today, huh Dana! Love, Mom