Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I move to Madison (Actually, I decide to move to Madison. The moving part comes later).

I have no concept of time. I can tell you that this following story took place after I worked at Major's (short for Major Department Store) and before I worked for NABABNA. I believe that this was back in 1991 but I'm not positive. This is what I do know. In 1985 - I graduated from high school. In 2000, I started working at NABABNA. This is somewhere between there, maybe in 1990.

So I had this friend and, since I like to use fake names, we will call her Barb. She was having a somewhat difficult time in life, problems with the boyfriend, the job and just wanted to get away from it all. A friend of hers (and former fling (okay, former one night stand) of mine) was a flight attendant living in Detroit. He suggested she move to Detroit and start all over. She could stay with him rent free for a month until she could find a job.

One night, shortly after she decided to do this, we were hanging around at Country Kitchen after the Hogsbreath closed and Rex walks in. "Barb," he says. "I was thinking about it. I just need to live near an airport so we could move to Madison. It's closer to Minnesota." Barb agrees and he goes to talk to someone else in the restaurant. We were sitting around, talking about how she was moving and I mused that I was jealous, I wanted to move and start all over because I hated working at Major's. Barb said "Well, why don't you?"

Hmm, what was keeping me in Minnesota? Nothing. I was 20 something, living at home with my Mom (oh, the indignity) and not involved with anyone. I hated my job and here was the chance to throw caution to the wind and move. It took me five seconds to make this decision. Five seconds. A major life change and I take less time to think about this than I put into deciding what color I'm dying my hair this month. Bah. I deserved what I got.

Katie also decides that she wants to move with us. We approach Rex and tell him we want to move as well. He's okay with it. Another guy there looks at the three of us and says "Huh. A blonde (Katie), a redhead (Barb) and a brunette. You'll be living man's ultimate fantasy, Rex." Oh, yes. Let the orgies begin. Frankly, I've been with Rex and he's not getting anywhere near me again because he is a liar. A liar. Although I will live with him. And then ask myself "What were you thinking?" (Ah yes, the What Were You Thinking question. I am seriously thinking of getting a bracelet similiar to the popular WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do? Are those still popular?) that has WWYT? on it. Maybe I'd actually stop to think something through before I go gallivanting off to Wisconsin with no job and very little money)

My mother tries to talk me out of it. Hah! What does my mother know? My (former) friend Jake (but friend at the time) tries to talk me out of it. "You'll regret it." Hah! What does he know? My employer at Major's (smug, smarmy Norwegian bitch) makes some smug, smarmy comment "Oh, Dana. Why would you do that?" Hah! What does she know?

Apparently, they know quite a lot. But I have to go, Keem is calling. Oh, oh, Keem is calling (sung to tears are falling. Isn't there a song like that?)