Sunday, August 15, 2004

I Go Shopping

I should not allowed to have a Check Card. Today I bought a magnet. And a surprise gift for Beth. At a convenience store. Which may or may not be a magnet (I'm being sneaky because she'll probably read this before I see her).

My magnet is a picture of William Shatner as Captain Kirk surrounded by tribbles. And then it has the cheesy quote on the side that says "Don't let your tribbles get you down." Well, I think it's funny. And we've already established what my sense of humor is like.

Conversation with Convenience Store Guy:
CSG: Tribbles, huh?
DM: Yeah. I'm a Trekkie (He laughs). Well, I'm not an obsessed Trekkie.
CSG: You either are or you're not. I never got it.
DM: Eh. I like the show. People keep telling me how great Star Wars is and I never got that.

Was I going to tell him the real reason I bought the magnet? No.

So, a few years ago, my manager at NABABNA gave me a test to determine what type of personality I have, the Pace Palette test (the link gives you the general idea, what my manager gave me was the full test which NABABNA paid for). Anyway, the whole deal was that there are four colors and each person falls into one of the color's category. It's a fun test and gives you a pretty good idea of your personality type.

Anyway, I'm a red. Which will mean nothing to you unless you've taken the test. The link says that I'm an Adventurer (and I'm taking these descriptions from the link where it says "You may be a red or you may be a blue, etc. If you want more, pay for the test. It really is worth it). Blue is someone who focuses on creating harmony. Yellow is someone who is responsible. Green is someone who has a sense of curiousity.

What does all this have to do with Captain Kirk? Well, if you look at my profile, it talks about Cream Puff Man. I hate him. This is someone who is a typical green. But not the Pace Palette definition of green. My definition. So, to me, red = flake. Blue = wishy-washy. Yellow = anal. Green = Annoying people who try to control everything and are always saying stuff like "Well, you didn't think this through, did you?" and "That's not very well-planned, is it?" and "I exist only to harsh your buzz."

I am Captain Kirk. I have landed on a new planet and I just want to go and explore and maybe find myself a hot alien chick (okay, this is an example. I would like to find myself the hot alien guy but Captain Kirk was all about the women, okay?) and Spock comes along with his "We need to check the atmosphere." and "This is most illogical." and "I exist only to harsh your buzz."

Beth and Keem are both yellow and green. So it is very odd that I am friends with them. They are organized and logical, two things I definitely am not. So when I tell them my Captain Kirk/Spock analogy, they both say something about "Well, if you don't check the atmosphere, you're going to die. Where's the fun in that? Do you want to explode in space?" And I say "Yes! Yes I do! Fire all my rockets at once and explode into space! Like a true Nature's child, I was born, born to be wild!" Okay, I don't think I actually said that but it would have been fun.

On the night of Beer Goggles, Beth and I figured out who we would all be if we were Star Trek characters. I would be Captain Kirk, Beth would be Spock (and yet I still love her. I guess every Kirk needs their Spock to keep them from exploding), Keem would be Bones (because he's always yelling at Kirk about something (Dana, I'm your roommate, not your Mother!)), Matt would be Scotty, Scott would be Sulu, Rich would be Chekov and Adam would be Uhura.

Plus, Kirk looks really hot on this magnet. He's all scruffy looking.

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At 9:06 PM, angelia said...
you are completely insane...and I love ya!