Monday, August 09, 2004

Would anyone really notice if I fell asleep under my desk?

It was an interesting weekend. Normally I have Fridays and Saturdays off but I agreed to work on Saturday for a co-worker. He works the same schedule as Beth so I talked Keem into bringing me to work on Friday and then spent the weekend over at Beth's so she could drive me to work on Saturday.

Friday night:
We were trying to decide what movie to watch. Beth wanted me to watch something I had never seen before. I said "You know, I've only seen one Lethal Weapon movie, #3."

So I watched Lethal Weapon #2 & #4. I am surprised that I've never seen them, I am a big fan of the buddy cop genre (okay, yes, I admit it, I am a big fan of any genre, except for the needlessly weepy or anything that movie critics reccommend (Example: The Hours. I don't like reading Virginia Woolf. Why would I want to watch a movie about her?)).

There is the one scene in LW2 where Hans walks into the room and the old guy, Arjen Rudd, says, gesturing to a plastic tarp laid out in the middle of the room "Oh, look out, we're painting." Now, I actually have not seen this done before in a movie, so apparently I could actually work for murdering drug runners because I yell at the TV. "You idiot, he's going to shoot you." I mean, c'mon, there is plastic on the floor. What do you expect? Moron.

Then there is the beautiful blonde girl who Riggs gets involved with. I turn to Beth. "She's going to die," I tell her. Are my psychic powers working overtime? No, I saw Lethal Weapon #3 and she's not in it. Plus, her boss is evil and wants her. She's just had the best sex of her life after avoiding certain death in a trailer via machine guns. You know she's going to die.

Lethal Weapon #4 was interesting. Jet Li was amazing. Beth told me she had heard they actually had to slow the movie down in some spots because you couldn't see him move, he's that fast. Apparently LW4 is a tear-jerker as well...I started crying in a few spots. But I did not cry through the entire movie, like Beth said I did. Maybe half of it.

Saturday night:
Work. Work is boring. Although I did get an escalated call for 48 minutes which will be ending up on Moron Mouth. And there was the interesting email conversation Beth and I had, involving cookies, Godzilla and my nephew, Josh. But I think that's a post all of it's own.

Because we had watched LW4 the night before, we decided to watch The One, with Jet Li. This is a really great movie, Sci Fi (Alternate Dimensions in this case), Cops, Martial Arts. What more do you need in a movie? I mean, honestly, this is the ultimate chick flick as far as I'm concerned. You get the really hot villain (Jet Li) and the really hot hero (Jet Li) who gets help from really hot Multiverse Agents (Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham). There's ass-kicking and true love everywhere you turn.

Then we watched Evita. I'm amazed I've never seen this, considering how much I love Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Weber's work. There were a few times when I was reminded of Jesus Christ Superstar by some of the instrumental movements. Very good movie. I finally got why people like Antonio Banderas so much. My God, the man can sing.

We were going to go to the zoo. But we watched Evita until 6:30 in the morning and ended up sleeping until 2 (me) and 3:30 (Beth). I've noticed that the older I get, the less I can sleep in late. It is very unfair. The zoo closed at 6:00. No zoo for us today. In Minnesota there are two "the zoo" zoos. There is the Como (Park) Zoo and there is the Minnesota Zoo (why the Minnesota Zoo thought it was so cool and got to be called the Minnesota Zoo is beyond me). Beth and I were going to go to the Como Zoo because it is closer to us, has a very cool Conservatory with many pretty flowers (ooh, pictures. Pictures lead to scrapbooking) and, and this is very important, they have penguins. Beth loves penguins. I'm good as long as there are Lions and Tigers and Bears (preferably Pandas) but I'm also fond of Hippos as well. So we're going to go to the zoo with Penguins.

No zoo. So we watch Stephen King's The Stand. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had made up an imaginary boyfriend and called him Randall, after Randall Flagg. Beth and I had a great time making fun of Molly Ringwald as Frannie and talking about what a great casting job was done for the majority of the male characters. The only male character we didn't think was particularly convincing was Stephen King playing a random townsperson. When he meets up with Stu in the end and says "What happened to your leg, Stu?" Beth and I started laughing about how he was the one that broke the leg in the first place, he should know.

Then we went to karaoke. This is why we watched The Stand in the first place, we needed to kill time until karaoke started. We were a little late but it was worth it, had a great time. An update from Beer Goggles, the first guy that hit on Beth (Joe?) was there and found someone to go home with him. He and his new lady love sang Picture together. Oh, they were awful. The highlight of the evening was this guy named Justin (?) and a friend of his (Jason?) who sang Baby Got Back. Justin was breakdancing and then broke into the Carlton dance we all know and love from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was great.

So, I had a good weekend, I watched some good movies and I went to karaoke. It doesn't get much better than this.