Thursday, August 26, 2004

Today is not a good day - Update in italics

Today I had a fight with a friend in the elevator before work started. And we had a fight in the car as well. But we have cleared the air and everything is okay.

My boss insulted my haircut and told me the only reason bankers may have complimented it is because they are scared of me. When I told one of my bankers the reason why he complimented my hair was because he was afraid of me, he laughed and said "You wish" and that he did like my hair and I was too nice to frighten anyone.

I forgot to completely log out of my computer yesterday and found out that my boss, as a joke, sent an email to himself. It said that I hated him and wanted to quit unless he read me Laffy Taffy jokes (which was pretty funny since he knows I hate Laffy Taffy jokes). Then he told me he had read an email I had written back and forth with a friend in which I said I was thinking about applying for another job. He still hasn't said anything about the job. He has continued to tell me Laffy Taffy jokes.

Oh, and to make it all better, Baby Talk Man just walked into the computer room. Lady B (Not Beth, someone else we work with. This is my code name for her) told me she thinks he overheard someone talking about how annoying he can be and that's probably why he didn't conduct his conversation in his high-pitched falsetto voice. Or my screaming at the computer might have scared him...

My God, shoot me now. It's only 11. At 1:30, management had an appreciation lunch for myself and other people in my position. It was nice. My bankers made posters and a mobile for me about how much they like me. Even though I knew about the "big surprise" ahead of time, it was sweet to read everything my bankers said about me. Mike (my boss) told everyone in the room condensed versions of the Fish Hook Saga and why my blog is called Green Duckies. There was laughter and nice words and I cried.

It's now 6 PM and I'm doing okay. Thanks to Angi and Firebear for your kind words. It makes the day better knowing that people care. And to Jacqui as well for her email! This is actually a pretty good day after all.

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At 2:28 PM, Firebear said...

Come work with us! I have an empty cube in my island! Of course that morning drive to Lansing Michigan everyday may get rough. You could always listen to books on tape! Thats how i survive!

At 4:17 PM, angelia said...

Dana, sounds like you have had a rough day. I can sympathize. I hope it gets better...if not, when you get home put your mattress against the wall and beat the crap out of it. That works for me!

At 3:00 AM, brooksba said...


I'm sorry the day started off so badly. I'm glad that you were able to find some positive aspects and turn it into a good day. I guess that training we had is right. Choose your attitude. Don't let the bad get you down, otherwise everything will just be bad. Grab something great and hold on with both hands. Why go around miserable? It's no fun. Love you lots. I'll see you later! I know you're working overtime and I'll try to call before 2. =)

I hope you're working overtime. If you're not, please email me or call my cell. It's in the living room and you won't wake me up.