Friday, August 13, 2004

Last Comic Standing - The End (well, until Season 3)

Last night, I watched John Heffron win the title of Last Comic Standing. Alonzo Bodden was 1st runner up. Gary Gulman was 2nd runner up. I am okay with the decision. I had a hard time deciding who I wanted to win and finally narrowed it down to either John or Alonzo. At the last moment, Keem was chanting "John, John, John" and I was chanting "Alonzo, Alonzo, Alonzo."

I will be following all three of their careers and hope that they come to Minnesota. I rarely go to actual clubs (comedy, dance, 4H (actually is 4H a club or an organization? I get confused)) but would go to see them.

I still miss Dan Naturman. Where are you? Oh, here you are. I would go see you if you came to Minnesota as well.

I so need to get cable.