Monday, August 23, 2004

Trapped in an attic in Madison

After we decided to move and rented the house from Dante, he told us we could feel free to start bringing up stuff and leave it in the house. We decided to take advantage of this one weekend and made a trip up. The tenant at the time was still living there, so he was happy to let us in and make us at home, that meaning that he was more than willing to share his pot with us. Barb and I made a trip up to the local convenience store, across the street from the Crystal Corner, to get an apple. I'm not sure why but apparently we were going to use the apple as a bong (Yes, at one time I did drugs. I'm not proud of it).

Standing in the store, Barb makes the purchase and gets into a conversation with the man who is approximately 500 years old.

500 year old man: An apple, huh? I can't eat apples because I don't have any teeth (He smiles to demonstrate the veracity of his statement). I eat steaks, though.
Barb: You do? How can you eat steak if you don't have teeth?
500 year old man: I gum them!

May I just say "Eew?"

After partaking in the pot-enhanced apple, the decision was made to watch a movie. An Andrew Dice Clay video was watched briefly and then, an Evil Dead movie was decided on. I do not like scary movies. I decided to go to the 2nd floor and sit on the stairs and read, well near my friends in case scary monsters break into the house on the 2nd floor and I need their protection but far enough away that if the monsters crash on the 1st floor, I can escape.

About twenty minutes later, Rex wanders upstairs. "Let's explore," he says. We wander around the house, deciding where we're going to put things. We go to the 3rd floor and he talks about what he wants to do with his bedroom. The one bedroom in the entire house that has a door on it. Without thinking about it, he pulls it shut behind us.

Thunk. The doorknob falls off and rolls across the room. I am now trapped in a room with Rex, a man with whom there is still a little tension because of the whole sex thing, and there is a scary movie playing downstairs. I am officially freaked out. Rex and I take turns yelling through the vent, no one hears us. After a few minutes, we give up, I return to my book. About an hour later, I hear Barb saying to Katie "Have you seen Dana and Rex? Where are they?" We call for help again. There is much laughter and innuendo about what we were doing. I simply said "Eh. I've already done him" and walked out of the room. Classy? No. Did it make me feel better? Yes.

The next morning, the tenant, I want to call him Sam, heads off for work. About 30 minutes later, he is back.

"That was quick," one of us says to him.

"Yeah. I was cutting through the alley and found a dead body." Perhaps this could have been taken as a sign. It was ignored. Silly, silly us.

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At 5:58 PM, angelia said...
I watched someone drop dead in the parking lot of SA when I was visiting my friend who was working.... Hmmmm, I haven't pondered that experience for awhile