Sunday, August 15, 2004

A review. Completely biased but still, a review. Some spoilers.

Yesterday Keem and I went to see two movies. Every once in awhile, we like to pull the Double Feature. You figure they give you a free refill with the large pop and the large popcorn, why not actually see two movies and put the refills to good use (it's not that I don't actually finish the pop/popcorn during the movie, it's that I refuse to leave the theater during the movie...I might miss some special nuance that will completely ruin the movie for me).

So what did we choose to see? The Princess Diaries, A Royal Engagement and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Quality entertainment for the entire family, if the entire family is on crack. Seriously, these are not movies you would think of viewing on the same day.

But I loved them both (okay, who's really surprised by that?) and had a great time.

Princess Diaries, cute, funny, sweet - Julie Andrews sings again and it was worth the $5.25 for the ticket, just for that alone. Anne Hathaway has a beautiful voice as well (watch Ella Enchanted, when is that coming out on DVD? Why must I be tortured waiting for it? And Connie and Carla? When? When?)

Went to buy the tickets for Harold and Kumar and got into a conversation with the ticket guy who remembered me from my earlier purchase. We started talking about Double Features and he said he was thinking of opening a theater that would do the Double Feature on Saturdays but he would show Kung Fu movies. Did I like Kung Fu movies? But of course. Martial Arts rock. I told him about seeing Blade and saying to Eric (the brother-in-law (although then he was the sister's boyfriend)), "Martial Arts and Vampires. What more could you ask for?"

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - Oh, my God, I loved it. Yes, it was stupid, yes, it was about stoners and yes, there were some parts that I just wanted to smack someone for writing that joke. But I loved it. What does that say about me? I am afraid to ask that question. Instead, I will ask this question. When the hell did Doogie Howser, MD get so frickin' hot? Neil Patrick Harris in sunglasses, tight jeans and a jean jacket. Oh my.

I read this review that I found through and I have to say that I don't agree with the points that the guy made about how he felt it treated gays. Point #1, maybe I just missed it completely but I didn't think that the weird guy Kumar ran into the forest was trolling for sex...I thought he was just a weird guy. You know, the reason why you're not supposed to pick up hitchhikers because they will stab you.

Point #2, I didn't think that the guy playing the male nurse was a man-hungry gay man, I thought that he was coming on to Kumar because he thought Kumar was his brother and that the male nurse and Kumar's brother were lovers.

Point #3, every stupid redneck, Extreme Sports punk wannabe, Mountain Dew chugging (and I love the Dew, don't get me wrong) jackass who wants to feel good about himself has always tried to make other men feel rotten about themselves by calling them weak and girly. It's not an insult against gays, it's an insult against women. How many times did we hear the expression "So-and-so hits like a girl, move on up" when we were in junior high and high school? How many times did we want to go and beat them with the baseball bat until they lay bleeding and broken at your feet? Or was that just me?

I really did like these movies. I am also excited about the previews we saw, including First Daughter (I know, I know but Marc Blucas is in it and I love him. He was Riley on Buffy! Riley!), some football movie starring Billy Bob Thornton, Mr. 3000 starring Bernie Mac and many other movies. I love previews. Even though they pretty much show you the entire movie now. Remember when previews were 30 seconds and you wanted to go see the movie because you had no clue what was going to happen? And now you watch the movie and think "Oh, that was in the preview. Now all we have to do is wait for the alien mothership to blow up..."