Monday, October 11, 2004

Construction is going on

Okay, Beth did something that I really liked on her blog, a list of her favorite posts so far and I want to try something like that, but, as you know, I always have to go that one extra step towards crazyville than everyone else.

So here's my plan. I'm going to do post that are links of my favorite posts. And how they all tie in together. There would be a karaoke post off to the side so if you're, oh, I don't know, scrolling along and thinking "Y'know, that Dana sure is a funny person but I've just recently started reading her blog. I wonder if she's written about karaoke before. I bet it would be spectacular if she had." And you could look to the side and see an "All About Karaoke" post and click on it and then be treated to my wondrous words that were (dare I say it?) All About Karaoke.

Wouldn't that be great? Of course it would! I could do a crazy email post one as well with links to all the weird emails I have sent to my friends or received or anything like that and if you miss one, since I've been working on it forever and it'll probably never be done, you could just click on the link and there it would be! My words, laid out before you like jewels.

You would never believe that I can be quite insecure if you just knew me through this blog, would you? Anyway, that's what I've been thinking of doing. Do you totally hate the idea? I just want to be somewhat organized. Tell me that you love me. I just want to be acknowledged. Is that too much?

Yeah, sometimes I'm a little too weird for even me. Later.

Previous Comments:

At 8:10 PM, angelia said...
you are funny
At 8:38 PM, brooksba said...
Dana,Anything you do will be great! That's because you're the Queen of the Universe and everyone loves you. Hey, did you just love how THE BOY just accepted the fact you are the Queen of the Universe? That was a plus. =)Sorry, I'm still giddy. I love you. How's that for acknowledgment?
At 12:13 AM, DeAnn said...
That's a lot of work, lady. But I appreciate it!
At 8:14 AM, CarpeDM said...
Yes, I did notice how THE BOY was completely okay with my being the Queen of the Universe. I was also amused by the fact that when Joe got up to sing, THE BOY and I exchanged a glance that we both understood immediately, a glance that said "Oh for the love of God, here we go again." Or something like that. I liked the fact that THE BOY is on the same wavelength as you and I. This is good. And he's not a Republican!Be giddy, Beth. I will allow it. I owe you for months and months of Michael liking and then, the horrificness that was Cream Puff Man.
At 8:50 AM, Matt said...
I love you-you are the light at the end of the tunnel, you make the wind seem all the more sweeter when you are in the room, you are incredible, no one can compare to you. Not even a rose, and how could I compare thee to a summer's day? I cannot, for you are beyuond comapre. How was that for acknowledgement?