Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Tale of Two (Karaoke) Junkies

Okay, since I got some flak from people about the amount of links in the frequently asked questions post (no, none of you. This was from other people who have not yet learned that I am the Queen of the Universe and they should just accept that I like links, dang it!), I thought I would like to move the karaoke links to a seperate post.

The junkies would be Beth and myself. This is not to say that there are not others in our group but, let's face it, it wasn't A Tale of Many Different Cities, so the title stands the way it is.

Anyway, Beth and I, we like karaoke. But we are loyal in our liking. The host at the Chalet, which is where we go to karaoke, is named Bryan McDonald. And he is brilliant (I use this in the English way, meaning great and cool and wonderful, instead of the American way, meaning shiny and bright)!

When we went to Vegas, we were worried that we would go through withdrawal, we are so addicted. We were going to find karaoke in Vegas because hey, it's Vegas and karaoke (The only thing better would be hey, it's England and karaoke)! But we decided against it. The thought of not having Bryan as our host was just too much to deal with.

We refer to karaoke as our drug of choice and Bryan is our pusher.

So. Here's the deal. I've written a few posts about karaoke. I will write many, many more to come. You are always welcome to join us. It's The Chalet on Rice Street in Minnesota. We're usually there between 9:30 and 10 PM.

Very exciting things happen when we are there. You could hear my favorite song to sing at karaoke. We could explain the rules of karaoke (yes, there are rules. I sometimes follow rules). You could see what happens when people sing Picture, even after being warned. You could witness romantic encounters, such as the night I held hands with the world's tallest man or asked the bartender to marry me or confessed my lust to an entire bar or was seduced by water.

You could also hear about the red shirt experiment, otherwise known as Beer Goggles 1 & Beer Goggles 2 and what happened when I tried to wear red or a new cologne for men. Or you could see the random oddness that seems to follow Beth and I. You might also be around when I decide to outline more of my campaign platform for president. You could even help us flip through the karaoke book in search of song titles because we want to blog about them.

Remember, the owl flies at midnight (this means we're going to karaoke on Sunday. If the owl is ever sick or tired, then we won't be there). You could be a part of future karaoke history!

Previous Comments:

At 11:08 PM, DeAnn said...
I happen to like the number of links. Thanks!
At 11:21 PM, Anonymous said...
Well, yeah, that's because you are cool and not one of the silly people. I am always fond of links myself because hey, cool new things to go and read.
At 12:27 AM, brooksba said...
DM!Karaoke! Karaoke! I love the karaoke! I also seem to be quite fond of the "!" tonight!Maybe it's because of CUTE BOY at karaoke!I swear, I'll stop this one of these days. Actually, I'm formulating a post in my head about this. Junkies, yes, we are. At least karaoke can't kill...unless you're a twat and a victim in a story.The owl is flying tomorrow night!Beth
At 7:44 AM, The Lioness said...
Links are bril, you never know what you might find, DO NOT DE-LINK! Also, did I not read this owl thing before? Or am I hallucinating? I'm sure I read it. I must have read it. I like it, very WWII resistance (enter French accent).
At 12:33 PM, Firebear said...
keep the links! I love reading old stories I missed or going to new sites!