Friday, October 01, 2004

Old Home Week

It is a weekend for parents.

Jeff's (My other roommate) parents are visiting this week. It is really nice to see them, I like his parents a lot. Although his dad always likes to tease me about stuff. Like tonight he said "How about we watch a commercial and you could cry at it?" Yes. I am a sap. I cry at certain commercials. I admit it.

My mom is in town and I'll be seeing her on Sunday (Josh's birthday. He is a year old. Where the heck did the time go?) for the big party. Expect interesting Mom stories. I love her. But she is weird. Anyone who just thought to themselves "Well, she'd have to be, she's your mother" is going to get smacked.

Keem is in Wisconsin with her family. She will be doing exciting things like going to Shopko. Without me. Which is so wrong.

Anyway, wish me luck. I am going to be at a child's birthday party. There will be children there. This could be bad. My sister is so touchy. I said to her that I don't like children and she snaps "Do you love your nephew?" Well, duh. But since he is my nephew and therefore perfect, he does not count as a child. Matt's kids, also family, so I love them as well. From a safe distance. If you've read Matt's blog, you'll understand the safe distance remark. If you haven't, start reading. The link's to the right. Go there now.